The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :

In the permanent establishment of an Institution,
devoted exclusively to the instruction of gentlemen, in
a selece and limited number of the most imp irtnnt and
j^eful branches of aGe era] Education—confining its
operations mainly to those branches, which experience
has lonn s nee proved cannot be successfully tawjht in
connection with the great variety of studies requisite to
a sc enlific and liberal Education—it hop bean the un-
’l e able pinion of the Principal, that such an Acade-
my would Le of piblic utility, an efficient aid to the

“Common “Common School System,,” and an acceptable auxiliary
to our deservedly popihr “Literary Institutions,” in
their most laudable efforts ; while, at the same time, it
would reich a certain class, and effect nn important end,
in a commercial community, which couid not be accom-
plished in any other way.

The practicability of directing the eduation of a
young gentleman with reference to that pursuit, which
nature or inclination may lend him to choose, and thus
oreate a firm basis for an inte ligent, rational and sys-
tematic deposition of bis time, his talents, ur his capital,
is becoming mure npp *rent to aJl; and hence the increas-
ing demand for Mathematical and Law Institutes—
Theological, Medical and Commercial Colleges; Istitu-