The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :

A full course of Double-Enlry Book-Keeping—
embracing Mercantile, Manufacturing, and
Steamboat Book-Keeping; Individual, Com-
pany, and Compound Company; with Forms
adapted to the Wholesale, Retail, Banking and
Commission Businesses, etc., etc.; together with
accounts Current, Accountsales, and a complete system of Commercial Correspondence.....$30.00 Gas-Tax, assessed on Night Pupils for each session 1.00

Tuition Fees payable in advance,.The importance of
this rule will appear evident to all. The tuition fees,
not being far time, but for thoroughly qualifying the
gentleman in that course for which he may be registered
—tin- pupil having the privilege of completing at op-
tion, and of reviewing the same during Hfc free of addi-
tional charge—render it imperious that this rule should
be invariably complied with.

The competency of each pupil to discharge tho duties
of an accountant, in charge of the most complicated
books, or to sustain an examination before a commit tee
of accoutants, of his (the pupil’s) own choosing, in every
case, will be guaranteed.