The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
Commercial Calculations.

This department occupies the third story of (hi
mi.ding, situatidim the touth-eabt corner (if \\
on avenue and Third stieet, and wil. hereafter b. iiniii’
he contiol of Chariks Btewart, Profotso ui M;h
naties, whose superior qua.irioationa as a huwj seful ’ii-u
uhcr have been long known and proper y appreciated h
his community; and his compote sy.-iun of luad-
kekoning” makes this course of the higli,-t impoi-tamc
X) those wishing to become thorough pvacttoai w;a-urt
ants. The conrso of instruction embraces a know] dg >l
every species of oalculution nececsury for a businew iuai
o knew; the System is Analytical, Inductive and lJrao-
ical, including ali the modern iujpnn-iUknts in h A\-
of Teaching, (many cf uh’uh are oi iginftl, : nd ]iicu ini
o this Institution,) Midi an the ’’Canoil ii>g Method,"
Rules for Interest CaicLlatiops, Geneial Average, etc.