The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :

N. B.—The foregoing prices are founded upon a prin-
ciple of charging a gentleman for “instruction impart-
ed,” and not for tllc; 1’I11C uo m;*y attend, or the course
for which he may be “registered ;” and a deduction, in
all oases; will be mule for "previous knoictedgc." T\
a young gentleman, writing a legible hand, a deduction
will be^nade of five dollars, to one competent to per-
form the ordinary calculations of an accountant, a de-
duction will ba made of ten dollars; and in like propor-
tion for what may be known in Book-Keeping and
Commercial law.

An opportunity is thus given (to those who write a
legible hand and can make the ordinary arithmetical
o Initiations taught in common school-) of obtaining a
practical business education, for fif y dollar.-.

The time required to complete a full collegiate course
wil. not ex c d sixteen weeks, and may not require more
hon twelve; tha hours of iustruotion, in the respective
departments, being so arranged as to give eaoh gentle
in i.n a command of his entire time; 6.U progress will
t lerefiire, de^nd upon his application to studies and his
capacity for receiving instruction.