The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
An Act
To incorporate jonks* commercial college,
op St. Louis, Mo.

Whereas, it has be.-n represented to the Genera’
Aesein ,ly of this State, that gcit and important ad-
v intag-s would accrue to the oouundixial comma .i y
of the ti-"y of St. Louis, by the inuorporating of a Com
m rcial College, to educate young men for mc.eantil
pursuits, and afford facilities to such pe sons as may
wish a B i ntific knowlelge of Double-Entry Book-
Keeping. ( ommercial C dentations. Oomm.Teiai Law
an I 1’emn in-hip; and whereas. For the promo ion uf
tbu obj ct, i: U tho design of the association he ein-
af for nuntio led. to procure or e eet. such buildings, as
may bj suited to the wants of the said association:
Now therefore, in o der to encourage and facilitate
tbenftresaid objaot, iind render the same more per-
manently and extensively useful,

Ue it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of
M-ssouri. as follows:

Sec. 1. That JonathanJones, , Public Accountant and
Principal of a Commercial school in the city of St. Louis,
be and is hereby empowered to associate with him com-
p tent Professon, to lill the ful owing chairs, to-wit: O’:e
for Double-Entry Book-Kccning, one for Commercial
(jaw, one for Oomm axial Calculations, and one for Pen-
innnship; iho Bame (whe.i thus appointed^ in company
wi h tho said Jonathan Jones, shall, to nil intents and pur-
p mes, be in law, a body corporate; and they, their as-
0 iites and successors, are h-roby created, constitute.)
a i I delired to be a body corporate and politic, by tb.,.-
ane ami stylo of ’’Jone’s CommTcial College,” and by
t i it nnino they may have Porjkjiial succession, and
40 11 iecapaMeof suing and b’ing sued, pleading and
i) i ig hnpleaded, answering and being answered unto,
d-f n ling an I being defended, in all courts and plnoee
Aha ever: t at they and their meo Bjon may have R
c inuion seal ai d alter, cliangc or break the lame a;
will: and tin’ they may lv capable in law of acquiring,
h Ijing and conveying so muoh property, renl. personal
i"d mix (i, t,s may be necessary and requisite for tbe
association in ihe furtherance of its objects, nut exceed-
ing fifty thousand dollars.

m;c 2. That the paid JonathanJones, , his Sbocia’e’.
and their suete sors, shall have the power to gran
Diplomas, award Degrees, confer Honors, and exer ie
all and singular tho privileges common to Cmntnercin]
Colleges authorized by law in other States. They sh Ii have tic power to appoint their own su
nob nddirionnl proffliora and s rvar.ts asimy be
sary io carry into effect the design “f ’"’* Jwooiation;
provided, nothing in this section be so construed as to
conflict wilb section fourth of this act.

Baa 8. When five or mo-o students slrdl hnve com-
pl i-d n full co’.irso in -l’oV lo-Entry ltx’k-K epinp, G nimercial Calculations, and Commercial Law, and ac-
quire a legible handwriting, (or shall otherwise satisfy
thj P.e i lent as to their competency.) then it sha.l be
he duty of the said Piesident, or his representative, by
and with the advice and consent of the candidate! 6)1
radnation, their parents or guardians, to appoint a
oommitt e of no: lets than three nor more thru ihe prsu1-
Lical accountants, whose duty ir shall bo to examine the
aforesaid candidates in nil of the above branches; and
if the said committee .award a certificate setting forth their competi ncy to take charge of a set of books and
o perform ihe duties of an accountant, so’.entifical y and
)> actically. then s. otion second shall remain in full force
Rut in no case shall a Diploma be awaidcd except upon
the recommend rfion of the committee.

Bbc. 4. That the said JonathanJones, shall be th’
fust President: he and his successors, in th fffice of
P c idont, shall h’ve iha power to li.l, sus>ei,d and vacate all or c’ithe-of the above chairs, at op ion, by
serving a written notice upon the Profess* to I e sus-
pended or removed, at least thirty days prior to siuh
removal; provided, always, that nothing in this section
be s construed as to confer the power to said President,
or his successors. to permanently vacate, alter or add to
the number of Professorships in section first of this act
Cex-ept that of the Professor of Mathematics, whaie
chair may be added to that of the President.)

Sec. 5. That the said President and Professors shall
!>e a Hoard for the government, of this Institution ; thy.
and their assm-nics and successors, sh 11 hnve the rower
to make their own By-Laws; provided, nothing therein c mflict with the laws of the land, or thj provisions of
this act.

Fec. 6. That this corporation, hereby created, shall
continue so long as it, faithfully observe: the object of
its institution; but the General Assembly, whenever
satisfied that it his Mled to pursue the alove objects,
may alter or repeal the same.

This, act to take edict from and after its pnssnge.

A M.Robinson, ,

Speaker of the House of Rcjrcsentativcs,

Thomas I.Price, .

President of the Senate.

ApprovedJanuary 24. Is 10.

Austin A. King, .