The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
To whom it may concern:

This will certify That Wibllav II.Stone, . Plsq., has
lhis day completed “nlvrmv instructiofh n ful course
f Doubls-Entry Book-Krbpino—’mfcr*ping Meroan-
;;le, Manufacturing,and Steamboat B’H>k-K cping; Tn-
lividual. Company, and Compound Company; with
Form- adapted to the Wholesale. Retail. Banking and
’ommission Rusii>c:srs. etc. . tc.; tfigeth’T with Ao-
ounts Current, Account S;de-. and a com] 1 >t Bvntem of
Joramcrriftl Corrfepondenoe—at’d that be is in every
csp ct worthy of public onnfid nee nJ a Phactical Ac-
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