The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
Young Ladies’ Collegiate Institute .

South-East corner of Washington Av. 4- Third Street,

Epistolary Penmanship.

Bt S. D.Iiavden, .

To write a plain, legible, chaste and uniform “Letfcer-
Hand,” is a dehirabb nccomplishinent in the eduoalinu
“f every Lady. But how few acquire this invaluable
art in our best Engli-h and Ciauwcttl High Schools?
This is owing to the fact that Teachers themseh
not given the subject the attention requisite to innsti r 1
praeucai system, snob ns mny be taught with suceew.
Many mite beautifully themstlves, who utterly fii! in
an attempt to enable others to execute with simi ur eiise
and cleganc., and it may be asked, why witsof We
imlusiliitinglv r. ply, their system are to them inlu’/ivr.
Penmanship, as a maebaoieal nrt, is the result i>fn com-
bined motion of the arm, the wrist, and th QngeiF. No
one but an artist can be taught to write by imitation
alone, while all may 1l> taught a beautiful hand by 0
proper system of training.