The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
Charles Stewart’s .Mathematical In-

Corner of Third Street and Washington Avenue.

This Institution has been in successful operation for
the last eight y.ars under the exc.usive control of Chas.
Stewabt, aiiel the success which has attended ft, len-
ders its location pelmaiieiit. This Institution possesses
peculiar advintages over other institutions cf learning,
in this respect—it enables the student to devote his en-
lire attention to one branch of studj—thus enabling
iiim to gain a. more thorough kuowleelge of any bruuch
uf mathtrmatios, or the entire course, in iibout one-fifth
part of the time required in our best schools and colleges.
All the branches of Mathematics are taught in this In-
stitution, together with Natural Philosophy, Astroncmy,
Mechaniod, and Bng.ieh tinmmar.

Any peison wwhing instruction in any or all of the
abovt-named branchea, \\i 1 save time uini txj.en.-e by
patronizing this Institution, as the mode oi imparting
instruction is peculiaily adxpted to the development of
-nniiig powen—so th: t the strnknt o mmencee to
\; Bon when be begins to study the Bcience oi numbers.
All prupsitions in this Institution are worked on the
puixly analytical method, which is the mly true system
of teaching Matbtmatics. ’Ihe cancelling methtd is
mbined with the analytical in ihi.^ in^iituiion, by
which nearly every proposition d i.ny length may be,
solved without one-eight part of the figure that are uses
in ihe ordinary method of caleulmion. All prop
ked on the black-board, aud exjlaiutU by lecturer
monntrations bo that the studei.t is guided by rea-
son : instead of an imricate rule that he has commitieu
I1 memory, each studeni baa to di moi st ate his prpose
tion as he works it; mid it must so Criticly
student that eveiy me in bis class can ihoruugbly compre
heiid it, though they w re entir ly ignoram \4 th pro-
blem when it waa mm. uoed. liente, the mind of every
student leveloped by thu-metiiod of imparv-
ing instrue ion—and so thorough is the knowledge gain-
d, that the student will have do ditncuiiy in applaying.
his calculation to the daily buisness transaction of lite

I especially itiniis to the daily busiihm instruction in
mathematicas, as Will as those Laving children to edu-
,d :.ll levers uf learning, lo c II and witn age of nine to rixtetn jea e, st [ve tin mewl dif-
noult problems in Matbematioe in the shortest possible.