The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :

im . j..-c’atorrf are p-.ivil g u to p esent any problem
At . i iy iiin :, fir itnm di.ite solution by soina one of the
p iii s under the age of eighteen yea-s.

☞Mr.i^wait will upcii.ii Seho 1 for Young Ladies
in .ufccfaenialie? on tlie iitsr of SepUmbjr, competent as
ristants having been obi ained? room^ to” be on the fii>t
I H.r. entire y separate from thu ncn 1 men’s d part-
itienf. The Evening Session to commence the first of October,

Mr.S. uil give $100 to any teacher in the State of who will pves:nt. a pupil- of his own teaching,
bat w II seel inieof Mr.Stewart’s whom he may se-
1 ,-t, under the nge f eighteen years?) in Matbeinftrtes.
id a pat-To ex utinatioj)—the pup U to examine eoc-li
tlm. .\o [iio,.Ktu to be ins nted unle-s the one who
ii can wnk iL himself, ’Ah-j teacher may assist
uu pupil, and Mr.Stewart will remain silent.