St. Louis directory :

H. Pilcher & Sons ,
Organ Builders,
Publishers and Importers of Music,
and Dealers in

Firth, Pond & ’s
N. Y. Pianos,
Long and favorably
known throughout
the Union, well adapt-
ed for the use of Semi-
naries, being of rich
and powerful tone,
and not apt to get
out of tune.

[missing figure]

A. W. Ladd & ’s
Boston Pianos,
Which obtained the
highest premium at
the late World’s Fair
at Paris, over all oth-
er completitors, Am’n and European, where over three hundred
Pianos were exhib’d.

Piano Fortes,
Musical Instruments and Musical Merchandise,
of Every Description,
No. 91 Fourth Street, near Locust, St. Louis, Mo.,

Purchasers are invited, before making a selection, to call and examine our stock, which embraces Instruments of
every compass and variety - in quality excelled by none - which we offer at low prices, and on reasonable terms.

Tuning and Repairing at short notice.

Manufactory on Fifteenth Street, between WashWashington avenue and Carr Streets.