St. Louis directory :
Libraaries, &c.

There are many excellent private libraries in Saint Louis, in all the various departments of science.

“The Mercantile Library Association,” is a chartered institution, well patronized ami of great and growing
utility. It now numbers in its cases seme seventeen thousand volumes, composed of the choicest selections
in all departments of literature. Its rooms are admirably arranged, well illuminated, and prepared for com-
fortable study. It ia one of the places which a stranger should visit on coning to the city, and with the
spacious and elegant building with which it is connected, is well calculated to exemplify the mercantile
community of Saint Louis, in the enlargement of their views, and their devotion to the cultivation of polite
literature, in connection with busy mercantile pursuits. The library of the Saint Louis I’niversity is also
very choice, and contains many very rare and valuable works, and is well worthy the visits of the studious.
It now numbers some twenty thou>and volumes. Although this cannot be called a public library, still,
from the experience of many, we feel warranted in Baying, ready access can be had to its cases by those de-
sirous of consulting its valuable mtelectual treasures. For the especial use of the “legal profession,” there
has been established here, under a charter, a “Law Library Association.” For the use of this association,
rooms are set apart in the court house, and the library now numbers over three thousand six hundred volumes.

Libraries are also being accumulated by the “Mechanics Institute,” the Otallon Institute, the “Catholic
Institute,” and the “Young Men’s Christian Association,” but we know not the number of volumes which
either of them possess.

There is in Saint Louis a Museum of rare excellency, embracing choice specimens of natural history, &c, &c,
but it must be seen to be fully appreciated. Our limits will not allow an adequate description.