St. Louis directory :
The Press, &c.

For the dissemination of knowledge, Saint Louis is also prepared, and “the art preservative of all arts”
has its votaries. We have not had time, in the preparation of this hasty sketch, to gather statistics on this
subject, but find to our hand a table prepared with great care for a work entitled, “Thoughts about Saint
Louis,” which exhibits this interest as it existed hi 1S54, and the extension since that period must be inferred
by our readers.

Newspapers published in Saint Louis, 21
Issues of daily papers, 19,300
Issues of tri-weekly papers, 6,400
Issues of weekly papers 72,000
Magazines, Monthly and Semi-Monthly, 12
Issues of these, 26,500
Power presses used, 21
Hand " " 66
Hands employed, (printers,) 858
Book and Job offices, as distinguished from above 8
Annual aggregate of book and job work, $15G,000

There are six lithographic, engraving and printing establishments. Four steel and copper engraving and
printing, and three wood engraving establishments, all employing numerous hands.