St. Louis directory :

city. There are also, .six “savings institutions,” chartered by the State, and authorized to receive deposits,
discount notes, buy aud sell exchange, &c, &c, but not to issue notes to circulate as money. The depositsin
these institutions, are between three and four millions; their authorised capital over $4,000,000. They all
stand well with the community, are rapidly growing into favor, and by their discounts are a very sensible
relief to the business community. To these we must add the home insurance companies, now numbering
twenty-two, having a large aggregate capital, which, with their current earnings, is, in the main, invested
in short, always available, discounts, for their stockholders and customers; thus, at the same time furnish-
ing ample indemnity as underwriters and facilities for business, and partly supplying the lack of banking

Many agencies, however, of Fire, Marine and Life Insurance companies of other states, are located here, so
that there is no material want on the subject of insurance.