St. Louis directory :

The city is lit with gas, most of the private houses, all hotels, halls, churches, stores and most offices, are
thus supplied with light.

The gas supply is in the hands of an incorporated company, the magnitude of whose operations may be
inferred from the size of their new telescope gas-holder, recently constructed at the corner of Fourteenth and
Gratoit streets.

This gasometer is capacitated to hold one million cubic feet of gas. It is thirty-five feet below and seventy-
two above the street, and is of the most desirable character. Its site was quarried from the solid rock, and
it will endure for ages. This, with the one heretofore in use, is expected to supply gas for some time to come.
For supplying customers, the company have now laid down over forty miles in length of street pipe; but
the number of public lamps, or private burners, we are at present unable to state.

Many private families, however, still use the spirit gas, of which there are several manufactories in the city.
Also, one establishment for making rosin oil, which it is said can also be used for burning.