St. Louis directory :
Johnson, M. B., overseer at bagging factory, ns.north side of
Randolph, b.between 12th and 14th.
Johnson, Mary, widow, boardingkouse , 172 Green.
Johnson, MarthaMrs., 42 s.south 7th.
Johnson, Mason, com. iner. and s. b. ag’t 68n.
Levee and 8 Commercial; r.residence 270 Franklin av.avenue
Johnson, Patrick, lab.laborer , 15th, b.between O’Fallon and Cass
Johnson, Rorert A., (Lytle, J. & ;) r.residence ss.south side
Pine, b.between 7th and 8th.
Johnson, R. C., boatman , City Hall.
Johnson, Samuel, bookkeeper , Monroe house.
Johnson, Samuel(c.) briekmaker , Cozzens near Pratt
Johnson, Seward(c.) barber 83 n.north 3d.
Johnson, Thomas, s. b. cl’k , r.residence Collins, b.between Cass av.avenue
and O’Fallon.
Johnson, Thomas C., lawyer , 411/2 Chesnut up
stairs; r.residence 298 Pine.
Johnson, Thomas C, tailor , 90 n.north 6th; r.residence Washington
av b. 4th and 5th.
Johnson, 0. C., Dr. , cl’k Board of Health, 12 Ches-
nut; r.residence 138 Walnut.
Johnson, Olirer, ostler , es.east side Carondelet av.avenue , b.between Dorcas
and Anna av.avenue
Johnson, Wm.Williambarber , shop 95 Poplar.
Johnson, Wm.William, bellboat diver , 131 WashWashington avenue .
Johnson, Wm.William A., bricklayer , 138 n.north 3d.
Johnson, Wm.William H., tobacconist , 61 n.north 2d.; r.residence 101
Johnston, J. E., cl’k M. & M. Savings Bank; r.residence 172
Johnston, James, rivcrman , 82 Almond.
JohnstonSamuel, Jr., (Davis & ;) r.residence Mon-
roe house.
Johnston, Wm.William, cooper , 63 ns.north side Warren, b.between 9th and
Johnston, Wm.William T., cl’k , sw. c. Market and Pratt av.avenue
Johnston, Wm.William, Dr. , 107 Locast; r.residence 235 Pine.
Johnston, Wm.William, barber , 41 s.south 10th.
Johnstone, Peter W., justice of the peace , 27
Joice, John, bricklayer , alley b. Wash and Carr
and 22d and 23a
Jonas, Philip, locksmith , Carrol, b.between Rosatti and Ham-
Jonderman, Wm.William, bootcrimper , 207 13th.
Jones, A. R., book ag’t 57 Brooklyn.
Jones, Albert, cl’k. ne. c. Franklin av.avenue and 5th.
Jones, Andrew, boatman , alley b.between Morgan and Frank-
lin av.avenue , n.north 8th and 9th.
Jones, Asa S., (J. & Sherman;) r.residence 18 St. Charles.
Jones, Rranock, carp.carpenter , Jackson, b.between Miller and
Jones, Benj., oil manuf. , Ferry, c.corner of Broadway.
Jones’ Commercial College , se.south east c.corner Washing-
ton av.avenue and 3d.
Jones, Garoneh, assistant editor , St. Louis Lead-
er, 4S n.north 3d.
Jones, David E., lab.laborer , ne. c. Market and 9th.
Jones, D. G., druggist’s d’k , 100 n.north 14th.
Jones, E. X. C., bookkeeper , 41 n.north Main; r. us. Spruce,
b.between 13th tnd 14th.
Jones, Enoch, bookkeeper , ns.north side Spruce, b.between 13th and
Jones, Francis, inspector of oa poorhouse, office
in basement of courthouse; r.residence 197 Chesnut.
Jones, F. P., scalemaker , 99 and 101 n.north 2d.
Jones, G. D., salesman , 51 n.north Main; r.residence Virginia hotel.
Jones, G.’k at 77 Chenut.
Jones, Horatiocl’k Supreme court; r.residence Christy av.avenue
Jones, H. M., supreme court reporter , office at Court-
Jones, H. W., cl’k M Levee; r.residence 100 n.north 4th.
Jones, Isaac H., capt. stmr. J. C. Swon; n.north 163 Lo-
Jones, Jamks C., attorney , 50 Chesnut; r.residence c.corner 6th
and St. Charles.
Jones, J. G., painter , es. n. 10th, near Labaume.
Jones, Jameslab.laborer , 17th, b.between O’Fallon and Cass av.avenue
Jones, John, (c) porter , 59 n.north Levee.
Jones, John, carp.carpenter , es.east side Beckwith, b.between Chouteau av.avenue and
Jones, John, coaldigger , Gravois road, near Grand av.avenue
Jones, Jno., bookkeeper 10 Pine; r.residence Grand av.avenue , n.north Cass
Jones, Jno., nailer , c.corner 7th and Russell av.avenue
Jones, Jno. G., upholster , shop 163 Market.
Jones, Jno. H., engineer , c.corner Cerre and 6th.
Jones, John N., cl’k , 18 n.north Main; r. nw. c. Cerre and
Jones, John T., private watchman ; r.residence Thomas st.street , b.between
Webster and Fillmore avs.
Jones, Jonathan, public accountant , Jones’ Com-
mercial College; r.residence in country.
Jones, Joshua, cl’k , 118 n.north 12th.
Jones, L. D., 162 Market.
Jones, Levi, blacksmith , 764 Broadway.
Jones, Lewis, printer , 35 Orange.
Jones, Mrs., ws. n. 9th, b.between Angelrodt and Destrehan.
Jones, Mark, cl’k , 50 Collins.
Jonefl, Paul C., porter , 5 n.north 9th.
Jones, P. H., watchmaker , c.corner 4th and Locust; r.residence 139
Christy av.avenue
Jones, Rachel, (c.) washwoman , 81 n.north 3d.
Jones & Reynolds , pharmaceutists and drug-
gists, c.corner 3d and Vine.
Jones, Isaac E., (J. & Reipiolds;) r.residence 114 Olive.
Jones, Richard, tailor , c.corner 2d & Locust; r.residence 83 Elm.
Jones, Richard, s. b. ag’t , c.corner Gay and 13th.
Jones, R.Mrs. widow, ns.north side St. Charles, b.between 5th & 6th.
Jones, Robert, (Htmnegat & J.;) r.residence Planter’s
Jones, Robert W., s. b. engineer , 46 St. Charles.
Jones, Sarah A., widow, 188 n.north 8th.
Jones & Sherman , lawyers, 8 P. O. building.
Jones, Thos., finisher , 354 n.north 2d.
Jones, Thos. E., porter 147 Washington av.avenue
Jones, Thomas, bookkeeper 50 n.north 2d; r.residence 15th Jefferson.
Jones, T. T., 95 n.north 3d.
Jones, William, stoneyard , ne. c. Morgan and 12th; r.residence
Jones, Wm.William, packer , 132 n.north Main; r.residence Washington av.avenue
Jones, Wm.William, coffeehouse , c.corner Broadway and Ferry.
Jones, William, rollingmill buildings , 10th ward.
Jones, Wm.William, stonecutter , 9th, b.between Walnut & Market.
Jones, Wm.William, engineer Washington foundry .
Jones, Wm.William , es. s. 14th, b.between Clark av.avenue and
Jones, Wm.William C., lawyer , 39 Chesnut.
Jones, Wm.William C., stonecutter , (Jones & Sumner,) c.corner
14th and Market; r. c. Carr and 23d.
Jones, W. W., cl’k ; r.residence Virginia hotel.
Joos, John J., carp.carpenter , 223 s 5th.
Jordan, Crist, lab.laborer , 202 n.north 11th.
Jordan, Francis, gilder , 7 n.north Sd.
Jordan, John, carp.carpenter , 84 Franklin av.avenue
Jordan, H., cl’k. 80 Main; r.residence c.corner Soulard & Linn.
Jordan, Richard M., cutter , 2 s.south Main; r. ws. 8th b.between
Market and Chesnut.
Jordan, T. K., cl’k , sw. c. 3d and Vine; r.residence 106 n.north 4th.
Jorden, Henry, salesman 80 n.north Main; r.residence c.corner 14th and
Jorden, John P., boardinghouse , 672 Morgan.
Jorden, Allen(c.) drayinan . Chouteau and Pratt av.avenue
Joseph, Father, priest , St. Joseph’s R. C. church c.corner
11th and Biddle.
Joseph, Henry, shoemaker , c.corner Morgan & 7th.
Joseph, John, bricklayer , 354 s.south 3d.
Joseph, Leon, pedlar , 225 n.north 12th.
Joshworth, ——, finisher , 228 n.north Main.
Josse, Florence, barkeeper , 5 n.north Levee.
Josse, Francis, coffeehouse 5. n.north Levee.
Jost, Jacob, blacksmith , 68 Carondeled av.avenue
Jost, Jacob, porter , alley b.s. 3d and 4th, Convent
and Rutgers.
Jost, William, milkman , ns.north side Anna av.avenue , b.between 7th and Ful-
lot, William, boxmaker , sw. c. Franklin av.avenue and
Jost, Windelin, contractor , es, Dekalb, b.between Victor and