St. Louis directory :
Paatz, Charles, drayman , rear 312 s.south 3d.
Paatz, Henry, drayman . 346 s 3d.
Pabst, August, tanner , at How’s tanyard, Carondelet
av.avenue , b.between Tradeau and Dnchouquette.
Pabst, Charles, tobacconist , 103 WashWashington avenue .
Pabst, Frederick, lab.laborer , r.residence Columbus, b.between Carrol and
Pace;, Daniel, batcher , 654 Morgan.
Pace, Edward C., salesman , 85 n.north Main; r.residence Monroe
Pace, S. P., salesman , 127 n.north Main; r.residence City hotel.
Pachtner, Peter, ice dealer , Lami, b.between Jackson and
Pacific Insurance Company , office Iw. 6.
Main and Pine,
Pacific Railroad General Office , ne. c.
3d and Chesnnt, ops,
Pacific Railroad Depots , b.between Tth and 8th,
Poplar and Cerre, and c.corner 14th and Austin.
Paific Railroad Machine shop , c.corner Chouteau and
Corapton avs.
Pack, A. F., bookkeeper , r.residence Dillon, b.between Park ar. and
Hickory st.street
Packard, O., agent American express company,
Wells, Fargo & , California express company,
and merchants’dispatch fast freight line, 56 n.north
Main; r.residence 129 s.south 5th.
Packer, Charles, cooper , r rear 50 s.south 10th.
Padberg, Augustus, cooper , r. ws. Jackson, rear of
437 s.south 4th.
Paen, Justin, huckster , 181 13th.
Paerult, Daniel, 215. s.south 2d.
Paff, Ernst, north St. Louis exchange , 952 Broadway.
Paff, Geoper, r.residence 2d. b.between Wright and Spring.
Page & Bacon , office se. e. Main and Vine, 3d
Page, Daniel D., (Page & B.) r. es. 12th, b.between
Cheanat and Pine,
Page, Geo. H., bookkeeper , 79 n.north Main : r.residence 10 n.north 5th,
Page, Henry C., clerk , 23 Levee; r.residence 215 Pine.
Page, John Y., (Breckenridge & P.,) r.residence c.corner 14th and
Page, Wm.Williamlab.laborer , r.residence 184 Green.
Pagels, Frederick, carpenter , es.east side Dekalb,b.between Victor and
Paige, H. C.clerk at Sqnire and Rced’s; r.residence 215 Pine.
Paige, J. A.Rev., pastor Presbyterian church.
Clark av.avenue , r. es. Provemcjoer., b.between Hickory St, and
Cjpiteai av.avenue
Painter, Florin, tailor , 212 Market.
Pajewsk], Hypholyt, fashionable millinery , 140
Palius, Johncarpenter , ns.north side Picotte, b.between Carondelet av.avenue
and Jackson st.street
Pall, Wm.William, carriageniaker , 67 Biddle.
Pallen, M. A., Dr. , 51 s.south 5th.
Pallet, Henry, miller , r.residence 116 Morgan
Pallia, Wm.William D., 10th ward street inspector , office at
city hall; r.residence Brooklyn b.between 10th and 11th.
Pallond, James, druggist , 195 Christy av.avenue
Palm, Wm.William, locomotive and engine foundry , c.corner 3d
and Lombard; r.residence 172 s.south 3d.
Palm, M. J., rectifier , 188 n.north 2d.
Palmer, Housr, c.corner 4th and Elm.
Palmer, J. J., propt. Palmer house.
Palmer, John, wagonmaker , 178 n.north 13th.
Palmer, L. K., (C. A. Ely & ,) r.residence King’s hotel.
Palmer, L. K., (W. C. Baker & ,) r.residence City hotel.
Palmer, Louis, Jeweller , 109 Franklin av.avenue
Palmer, O. L., salesman , 169 n.north Main.
Palmer, Richard T., carp.carpenter , 169 13th.
Pammer, AnnaMrs., piano manuf. , 168 Market.
Pancer, George, tobaconist . r. es. Stoddard av.avenue near
Pancoe, Wm.William, tailor , 168 n.north 13th.
Panphin, Victor, cooper , r.residence 237 s.south 3d.
Pans, Christian, lab.laborer , alley b.between 13th and 14th, O’Fallon
and Cass av.avenue
Pansho, T. M., (Wood, Wheatley & ,) r.residence
12th near Morgan.
Pant, Casper, lab.laborer , Madison b.between 14th and 15th.
Pape William & , People’s retreat, 206
Pape, Wm.William, (Wm.William P. & ,) r.residence 206 Market.
Papin,’k , 89 Market.
Papin, Joseph L., (Champion & ,) r.residence 210
Papin, L. J., se.south east c.corner Plum and fth.
Papin, Ray A., (Thamat & P.,) r.residence St. Lonta cor.corner
Papin S. V. & Bro. , real estate brokeis, ageuta
and auctioneers, 33 Cheannt.
Papin, Sylvester V., (S. V. P. & Bro.,) r. sw.
c.corner Dillon n.north Park av.avenue
Papin, Stepheo, painter , Convent b.between 2d and 3d.
Paptn, T. L., Dr. , 184 Locust
Papin, Theodore, ass’t city register , r.residence Pine b.between 15th
and 16th.
Papin, Theophjle, (S. V. Papin & Bro.) r. ws.
St. Ange av.avenue b.between Choiiteau and Park avs.
Papp, Erhard, Oooper , Carondelet av.avenue b.between llarney and
Bryun avs.
Pappa, Milcoe, 316 Pine.
Parcells, Geo. B., R. R. contractor , r.residence Monroe house.
Pardner, Henry, cabinetmaker , 150 n.north 16th.
Pardy, Charlotte J., widow, Franklin av.avenue , b.between 17th and
18th sts.
Paris, Louis, Vice Consul France and Sardinia , 93
Paris, LouisMrs., millinery goods , 93 Market.
ParittO, Bernard, wagonmaker , shop 22 Carondelet
av.;avenue r.residence 23 Carondelet av.avenue
Parisian, Caroline, midwife , 198 s.south 3d.
Parisian, Victor, 198 s.south 3d.
Park, Andrew, r.residence 85 Vine.
Park, John, principal Carr st. school, ne. c. 16th and
Park, Matthew. (P. & McClintock,) r.residence 100 n.north 5th.
Park A: McCllntock , Washington marble works,
sw. c. Washington av.avenue and 5th.
Parker, A. A., clerk , r.residence Townsley’s hotel.
Parker, A. W., salesman , 102 n.north 2d; r.residence Monroe house.
Parker, Christopher, carpenter , 58 Locost
Parker, Dunnica. clerk , 63 and 69 Olive.
Parker, E. J., 30 Levee; r.residence City hotel.
Parker & Edgar , exchange saloon, 11 Olive.
Parker, Edward N., salesman , 76 n.north Main; r.residence 284
Parker, Egbert P., clerk . 30 Levee.
Parker, George, gilder , r.residence 76 Franklin av.avenue
Parker, George, (Parker & Wilson,) 174 s.south 3d.
Parker, George, (c.) whitewaaher , rear 13 n.north 4th.
Pakrer, Geo. W., (P., Rutuil & ,) r.residence 291
Parker, HannahMrs., widow, 126 Walnut.
Parker, Henry L., (Evans & P.,) r.residence 126 Walnut.
Parker, J. C., bookkeeper , 181 n.north Main; r.residence Monroe
Parker, James, steamboat pilot , 255 Morgan.
Parker, James, plasterer , ea. 7th, b.between Sonlardand La-
Parker, James W., millwright , 682 Broadway.
Parker, John, railroadman , 35 s.south 14th.
Parkkr, Judson, (P. & Edgar.) r.residence 137 Olive.
Parker, Ludlow & , propiieton of sawmill
and barrel factory, offices c.corner Spring and 2d and
59 M irket
Parker, Matthias, boatman , r. as. Clark av.avenue , b.between Mercer
and Naomi sts.
Parker, Richard, machinist , 254 n.north 2d.
Parker, Russell & , wholesale grocers and
com. mer’s., 64 n.north 2d.
Parker, WesleyCapt. , r.residence 296 Morgan.
Parker, Wm.William A., apothecary , sw. c 4th and Market.
Parkhmvi, Dennis, mehanic , r.residence 83 Collins.
Parks, , physician , 59 Chesnut.
Parks, Gustave, daypoUceman , r.nw. c. Brooklyn and
n.north 10th.
Parks, Joseph C.teacher , r.residence 156 11th.
Parks, Joseph, (Stewart, P. & ,) r.residence ss.south side Rus-
sell av. b. s. 7th and 8th.
Parks, Jospaj. (Jas. G. Stewart & ,) r.residence ss.south side
Russeli av.avenue , b. s. 7th and 8th.