St. Louis directory :
Pearce, Geo. C., clerk , 106 n.north 2d.
Peale, S. M.Miss, portraitpainter , 41 s.south 5th.
Pear, Wm.William, barkeeper , 95 Franklin av.avenue
Pbarce, Albert, (Ho & Woodruff,) nw.north-west
c.corner 10th and Pine.
Pearce, Daniel E., dagnerrean , ns. Elm b. 2d and 3d.
Pearce, David, wholesale hat and capdesJer , 116 n.north
Main; r.residence Virginia hotel.
Pearce, Patrick, coffeehouse and boarding , 140 b.between Vain.
Pearce, Sarah, widow, 329 s.south 2d.
Peannan, Chas., s. b. ci’k. Mmroe b.between 15th and 16th.
Peiron, E. J., cl’k , Ubsdell, Peinon & ; r. e. 6th
and Phne.
Pearoult, Maurice, steward. Kind’s hotel.
Pearson, A. B., founder and scalemaker , 99 & 101 n.north 2d.
Pearson, Benj. J., assist. penny post ; r.residence 129 Christy av.avenue
Pearson, A., City hotel.
Pearson, H., cl’k , 117 M in; City hotel
Pearson, Jno., streetsprinkler , 129 Christy uv.
Pearson, John G., miller . 28 Plum.
Pearson, W. H., (Lockwood & P.,) 115 Myrtle.
Pearson, Wm.William, salesman , n.north Main; r.residence Virginia hotel.
Pwasti, Joseph S., secretary Pilot Knob , Main,
b.between Market and Chesnut; r.residence Choatean uv. b. 14th
and 15th.
Pecalvel, Francisstonecutter , 28 p. 4th.
Pechtel F.Joseph, , cabinetmaker , St. Charles road b.between
Webster and Pan avx.
Peck, Charles H., architect , 134 Locust.
Peck C. H. & J. W. , sawmill, office ne.north east c.corner Park
avenue and 8th.
Peck, George, barkeeper , 241 s.south 4th.
Peck, Wm.William, planingmill , c.corner Park uv. and 7th ne. c.
Olive and Lenragwell av.avenue
Pecker, Charles, barroom , ss.south side Market b.between 20th and 21st.
Pecker, Fred., cooper , 333 n.north 7th.
Pecker, H., 3d b.between Chesnut and Walnut.
Peckham, A. C., prop. Hyde Park, r.residence Hyde Park.
Pedvn, Z. M., prop. Ashley Mills, c.corner Ashley and
Carondelet av.avenue
Pechman, William, cl’k , 6 & 8 n.north M:tm; r.residence 425
Peebles, H. E., Dr., dentist , 101 Locust.
Peers, Valentine J., (Ladete, P.S,- ,) 198
Peetz, Casper, beerhoase , sw.c. Broadwy and Warren.
Pegan, Ishaiah, tailor M Locnst: r.residence 72 Washington av.avenue l
Pegan, John, lab.laborer , 41 s.south 13th.
Pegg, James, blacksmith , 54 O’Fallon.
Pbgram, George, com. merchant , 10 Pine, and
prop. “Atlantic mills,” c.corner Plum and Main; r.residence
Barnum’s hotel.
Peiffer, John, teamster , nw. c. Illinois and Utah avs.
Peikert, John, tailor , Roaatti b.between Allen and Geyer avs.
Peiler, Philip, shoemaker . 14 Green; r.residence 41 Collins.
Peipenbrier, Peter, porter . 112 n.north Main; r.residence ne.north east c.corner Mor-
gan and 9th.
Peipers, C. J., (F. A. Rfu4t f ,) n.north Mullan-
)liy b.between 2d and Broadway.
Peirson, , (Ubsdell P. & ,) non-resident
Peisch, Geo., painter , Wilgos, Noble & , 34 Pine.
Peise, John, moulder , 235 s.south 3d.
Peiler, Adam, botcher , Jackson b.between Short and 2d.
Pelikan, Joseph, blacksmtth , Bosstti b.between Buolard and
Pelletier F. A. & Bro. , tailors and clothiers,
130 n.north 3d.
Pelletier, Francis A., (P. F. A. & Bro.,) 193 Green.
Pelletier, Jno. D., (F. A. P. & Bro.,) 130 n.north 3d.
Pelman, Herman, lab.laborer , 193 13th.
Pels, John, tailor ss.south side Victor b.between Jackson Columbus.
Pelter, German, coffeehouse , 8 n.north Levee; r.residence 64 Cedar.
Peltiford, Renben H., (c.) teamster , 77 Orange.
Pelns, F., millstooe maker , 212 n.north Main.
Pembridge, David, grocer , 468 n.north Main.
Pembroke, J. W., Odd Fellows Hall c.corner 4th and Locust
r.residence 11 s.south 4th.
Pender A.Dominic, , Cincinnati house , s.south Levee b.between Pop-
lar and Phum.
Pender, Martin, grocery , 720 Broadway.
Pendergast, Richard, cooper . Market st.street tavern.
Pendergraas, Alfred, cigarstore , 188 Market.
Pendergrast, Thomas, carp.carpenter , 77 O’Fallon.
Pendleton, Wm.William A., lawyer , office se.south east c.corner 4th and
Chesnut; r. nw. c. 6th and Bhn.
Penn, Wm.William, drayman , ss.south side Franklin av.avenue , near 17th.
Penn, W. P., 12 & 13 s.south a Levee.
Penninger, William, tailor , ws.west side Jackson b.between Picote and
Penniogtoo, Wra. A., assist. cl’k of circuit cutirt: 147
s.south 4th.
Pcnnington, William, rivenmn , 1150 Broadway, ops.
Pennsylvania Ins. Co. of Pittsburgh , 33 Olive.
Penrod, J., pilot , 154 n.north 6th.
Pensien, August, printer , 145 s.south 7th.
Penter, Anton, lab.laborer , sw. c Tradeau and Jackson, ups.
Pentland, W. J., pump and blockmaker , Wash b.
Main and Levee; r.residence 135 n.north 5th.
Pentsch, Charles, shoemaker , alley rear 366 s.south 3d.
Peome, Wm.William, painter , Franklin av.avenue , near 25th.
People, Herman, cl’k , 81 Pranklin av.avenue
Peper, Christian, tobacconist , 183 n.north Main, nw. c. 6tn
and WashWashington avenue .
Peper, Frederick, grocer , c. Wash and 6th; r.residence
198 n.north 6th.
Pepper, John, blacksmith , 90 Green.
Pepper, William, tronkmaker , 239 s.south 2d.
Peppercorn, Wm.William, lab.laborer , Barry b.between Fulton and Decatnr.
Percey, Geo. D., blacksmith , 198 n.north 7th.
Perehr, Jno., bookkeeper , 123 u. 2d; r.residence 11 n.north 7th.
Pere, John, lab.laborer , 91 Green.
Perebom, John, carp.carpenter , c.corner 14th and Chambers.
Perebom, Wm.William, carp.carpenter , c 14th and Chambers.
Pereles, Barbara, second hand furniture , 266 a, 5th.
Peretz, Isaac, cl’k. 265 Broadway.
Pebham, Charles B.commusion merchant 22 s.south
Main; r.residence 69 n.north 4th.
Peira, Frank, tailor , 212 Franklin. av.avenue
Perin, George H., dentist , office c.corner 5th aud Olive.
Peritz, Fsaac, cl’k , 196 Broadway.
Porks, Thomas, brickUyer , Pratt uv., near Christy
Perkinu, D.Capt. , 49 s.south 5th.
Perkim, F. B., clk. 79 n.north 5th.
Perkins, John B., bookkeeper , 12 n.north 2d; r.residence c.corner
3d and Market.
Perkins, J. S., salesman , 86 n.north Main.
Perkinm, Nathan W., (S. C. Davic & ,) se.south east c.corner 16th
and Locas Place.
Perkins, T. P.Capt. . ss.south side Franklin av.avenue , b.between 9th & 10th.
Perkins, S. Jeff., shirt manufacturer , 79 n.north 4th; r.residence 35
n.north 4th.
Perley, R. G., salesman , 77 n.north Main; bds Barnnm’s
Pennine, Francis, store , ws.west side Bael, b.between Lafayette av.avenue
and Emmet.
Pernes, A, watehmaker , 52 n.north 3d.
Perpetual lusurance , office nw. c. Main and Olive.
Perpignan, Washington(Champion & ,) r.residence 13 s.south
Perret, A. L., cl’k 28 Levee, r.residence 106 n.north 4th.
Perrine, Charles(Young, Bros Co.,) bd-5,
Bamum’s & hotel.
Perrine, G. W., dentist , 69 Olive; r. nw e. 5th and
Perrn, Geo., (E. P. Pettes & , bds. Monroe
Perrin, Louis X., cigar and tobacco store , sw c.
Walnut & s.south 2d, and 370 Broadway; r.residence 34 s.south 10th.
Perrin, Nicholas, shoemaker , 128 s.south 3d.
Perrier, F. A., coffeehouse , 44 Levee.
Perry, Amelia C.ambrotypist 82½ n.north 4th.
Perry, Ann M.Mrs., 28 s.south 4th.
Perry, John, 24 s.south 10th.
Perry, John, planemaker , 135 n.north 3d.
Perry, John, carpenter , 111 Gay.
PerryJohn , D., (Lewis, P. & ,) r.residence c.corner 15th and
Perry, Richard, cl’k , n.north Levee; r.residence Olive b.between 2d & 3d.
Perry, LilburnDr. , office and r.residence 164 Olive.