St. Louis directory :
Rawlings, George S., bookkeeper , 103 n.north Main; r.residence ss.south side
Mulberry b.between Main and 2d.
Rawlings, Daniel A., chief of police , Main b.between Webster
and Lebaum.
Rawson, John E., mate of steamboat , 30 O’Fallon.
Rawson, Judson, clerk , 21 Locust.
Rawson, Thos., drayman , Washington av.avenue b.between 14th
and 15th.
Ray, Charles, clerk , 133 n.north 6th.
Ray, E. L., clerk , City hall.
Ray, Frederick, drayman , 110 n.north 15th.
Rty, Mrs., widow, 11 Howard.
Ray, John, lab.laborer , alley b.between 10th and 11th, Biddle and
Ray, Jno., drayman , 166 n.north 14th.
Ray, Jno., clerk , 109 n.north 13th.
Ray, Joseph J., clerk , 75 n.north Main; r.residence City hotel.
Rayan, ElizaMiss, capmaker , 81 n.north 10th.
Ray, Wm.WilliamDr. , c.corner Park av.avenue and 7th.
Ragbize, Mary A., superior of the Sisters’ Hospital ,
se.south east c.corner Spruce and 4th.
Raymond, A., painter , 9 Spruce.
Raymond & Wolf , steam bakery, 182 and 184
7th; office, 71 Commercial.
Raymond, B. S., (R. & Wolf,) r.residence Monroe house.
Raymond, G. W., bookkeeper , se.south east c.corner 10th and Chesnut.
Raymond, James, blacksmith , c.corner St. Charles and 5th;
r.residence c.corner 12th and Franklin av.
Raymond, Joseph, shoemaker , s.south Main b.between Lombard
and Hazel.
Raymond, Louis, tailor , 124 O’Fallon.
Raymond, W. A., hatter , 38 n.north 3d; r.residence c.corner 10th and
Raymond, Wm.William L., shipcarpenter , Thomas b.between Glasgow
and Cass avs.
Rayn, Jas., lab.laborer , Park av.avenue b.between Compton and Thomas av.
Raynor, Nichol., manuf. of r. r. chairs , 132 11th.
Razy, William, s. b. mate , alley b.between Morgan and Frank-
lin av.avenue , n.north 8th and 9th.
Rea, Isaac, barkeeper , 236 n.north 6th.
Rea, John, shoemaker , b.between 7th and Franklin av.
Read, Isaac, discount clerk , Boatsmen’s Sav. Inst. , 67
Reader, John C., private watchman , ws.west side Bellefontaine
road b.between Destrehan and Angelrodt.
Readey, Patrick, daguerrean artist , 68 n.north 4th; r.residence City
Readman, Joseph, moulder , 278 s.south 3d.
Readmon, Wm.William T., es. s. 7th b.between Chouteau av.avenue and
Ready, Richard, porter , 119 & 121 n.north 2d.
Ready, Thomas C., salesman , 85 n.north Main.
Ready, Thomas C., 4th b.between Chesnut and Pine; r.residence City
Reaf, John, lab.laborer , Phoenix foundry .
Reagan, Michael, carp.carpenter , 92 Christy av.
Reame, Nicholas, cabinetmaker , 149 n.north 14th.
Reaudolph, Stephen, cooper , 245 s.south 4th.
Rearick, Chas. D., clerk , 143 & 145 n.north 2d; r.residence Green b.between
8th and 9th.
Reaster, Peter, carp.carpenter , Phoenix foundry .
Reauholt, Lewis, upholster , 117 s.south 17th.
Rebeak, Matthias, woodsawyer , ws.west side Buel b.between Lafayette
av.avenue and Emmet.
Reber, Samuel, attorney , office 23 Pine; r. es. 2d
b.between Pine and Chesnut.
Reberin, Michael, lab.laborer , Jackson b.between Barry and Miller.
Rebus, Friedrich, butcher , c.corner Volsey and McNair av.
Recht, Jacob, driver , 365 Market.
Rechtbeim, Ferdinand, coffeehouse , 201 n.north 2d.
Rechtin, Gerard H., tailor , 130 n.north 3d.
Reck, Jos., lab.laborer , n.north 16th b.between Benton and n.north Market.
Reckaier, John, chandler , 281 s.south 7th.
Recker, George H., tobacconist , 285 s.south 7th.
Reckfeller, Albert, cooper , J. C. Strope’s .
Redecker, Frederick, teamster , es.east side Rosatti b.between Geyer
av.avenue and Emmet.
Redemacher, Fred., carp.carpenter , 3d b.between Convent and Rutgers.
Redman, James B., grocer , Broadway.
Redmeyer, Christian, plasterer , Columbus b.between Barton
and Victor.
Redmon, Miles S., pilot , Morgan b.between 13th and 14th.
Redmond, John, teamster , se.south east c.corner Market and Center.
Redmond, Richard, bookkeeper , 33 Christy av.
Reed, Christian, shoemaker , 112 n.north 13th.
Reed, Bridget, widow, 194 n.north 6th.
Reed, Catharine, 10th b.between Jefferson and Madison.
Reed & , fancygoods dealers, 84 n.north Main.
Reed, Edward, (R. & ,) Monroe house.
Reed, W. W., (R. & ,) nonresident.
Reed Geo. C. & Yates , wholesale dealers in
piece goods, &c., 117 n.north Main.
Reed, Geo. C., (G. C. R. & Yates,) Olive b.between 15th
and 16th.
Reed, Geo. W., printer , 35 WashWashington avenue .
Reed, Henry S., (Partridge & ,) 309 Olive.
Reed, James S., solicitor O. & M. R. R. , 208 n.north 7th.
Reed, James L., pilot , ws.west side Farrar b.between 11th and 12th.
Reed, James, cooper , Main b.between Madison and Jefferson.
Reed, John, finisher , Phoenix foundry .
Reed & Mann , ironfounders and machinists, Carr
b.between Main and 2d.
Reed, Joseph B., (Reed & Man,) c.corner Christy av.avenue
and 18th.
Reed, Josep P., 165 Christy av.
Reed, Mary, widow, 1 n.north 10th.
Reed, Mary AnnMrs., 147 Collins.
Reed, Michael, waiter , Monroe house.
Reed, Peter, glassfactory , 196 n.north Market.
Reed, Samuel G., (Squire & R.,) 215 Pine.
Reed, Thomas, boatman , 211 13th.
Reed, Thomas, bricklayer , 13 n.north 4th.
Reed, J. B., bricklayer , es.east side 4th b.between Market and Chesnut.
Reed, Wm.William H., s. b. capt. , 254 Pine.
Reed, Wm.William J., 89 Washington av.
Reed, Wm.William, tinsmith , 23 Walnut; r.residence 1 n.north 10th.
Reed, Wilson, (c.) drayman , ns.north side Austin b.between 12th and
Reeder, Ambrose, s. b. capt. , 188 Olive; r.residence Virginia
Reeder, E., finisher , 228 n.north Main.
Reecjer, Wm.William, patternmaker , 69 Brooklyn.
Reeder, William F., foreman Phoenix foundry ; r.residence 69
Reeder, Wm.William H., engineer on river ; r.residence King’s hotel.
Reederer, Gregoire, beersaloon , 688 Broadway.
Reedman, James, lab.laborer , 37 Warren, near 9th.
Reel, EugeniaMrs., nw. c. 8th and Choutean av.
Reeuan, John, 434 Morgan.
Reenen, John, drayman , 110 & 112 n.north 2d; r.residence ss.south side Olive
b.between 14th and 15th.
Reerdon, Edward, stonemason , 198 n.north 8th.
Rees, August, lab.laborer , sw. c. Lafayette av.avenue and Bnel.
Rees, David, carp.carpenter , c.corner Pine and 12th.
Rees, Thomas B., jeweler , c.corner 2d and Vice; r.residence Frederick
Reese, Carl, stonecutter , ws.west side Jackson b.between Anna and
Reese, John, lab.laborer , 204 WashWashington avenue .
Reese, Wm.William, carp.carpenter , 31 WashWashington avenue .
Reese, Wm.William F., commission merchant , 138 n.north 2d;
r.residence Barnum’s hotel.
Reester, Joseph, tailor , 47 s.south 2d.
Reeve, Wm.William, porter , Gay b.between 15th and 16th.
Regan, Daniel, carp.carpenter , 21 s.south 6th.
Regan, Frank, carp.carpenter , 75 n.north 3d; r.residence High b.between Clark and
Gamble avs.
Regan, James, collector water rates , 72 Chesnut.
Regan, James, porter , c.corner Green and Main.
Regan, John, 72 Chesnut.
Regan, Margin, porter , 119 & 121 n.north 2d.
Regan, Michael, carp.carpenter , alley b.between Clark av.avenue and Poplar,
Adolph and Tayon avs.
Regan, Patrick, lab.laborer , 446 n.north Main.
Regar, Wm.William, (Bautone & Regar,) 11th b.between Davis and
Regels, Mendelin, lab.laborer , 1104 Broadway.
Regie, August, barber shop , and r.residence 405 Market.
Regner, John M., tailor , 53 Market; r.residence 2 Gay.
Rehacek, Vitas, lab.laborer , 377 Carondelet av.
Rehm, Geo., “Arsenal Exchange,” 225 Carondelet av.
Rehmeyer, Wm.William H., tailor , California house, Broadway.