St. Louis directory :
Waelterman, Jacob, brickmoulder , ne. c. Hamtramek
and Emmet.
Wageman, Louis W., c.corner Franklin av.avenue and 25th.
Wagner, B., blacksmith , Clark av.avenue b.between 14th and 15th.
Wagner, Chas., (Kalian A., & ,) c.corner Mulberry & 2d.
Wagn1Cr, Frederick, proprietor National brew-
ery , 153 s.south 2d.
Wagner, Francis, clerk , 37 s.south Main, ups.
Wagner, Frank, candlemonld maker , Mill tavern, 208
s.south 4th.
Wagner, Gustus, leather finisher , (C. G. Fell & Bro.,)
6 s.south Main, 3d floor.
Wagner, Herman, carp.carpenter , c.corner 13th and Franklin av.
Wagner, Hugh, carp.carpenter , Buel b.between Marion & Carrol.
Wagner, Jacob, tailor , 464 n.north 9th.
Wagner, John, plasterer , Rosatti b.between Allen and Geyer
Wagner, John, teamster , 19 Mound.
Wagner, Joseph F., steamboat engineer , 43 Poplar.
Wagner, Ludwig, blacksmith , ns.north side Lami b.between Congress
and Carondelet av.
Wagner, Marie, midwife, 95 s.south 4th.
Wagner, Maria, widow, Lami b.between Jackson & Columbus.
Wagner, Michael, barber , 166 Carondelet av.
Wagner, Moritz, tailor , 58 Plum.
Wagner, Patrick, cooper and brewer , rear 190 s.south Main.
Wagner, Paulus, carp.carpenter , 152 n.north 9th.
Wagner, Philip, bricklayer , ss.south side Lafayette b.between Fulton
and 7th.
Wagner, Philip, cabinetmaker , ss.south side Lafayette av.avenue b.between
8th and 9th.
Wagner, Rudolph, shoemaker , 47 Pine; r.residence 3 n.north 3d.
Wagner, Stephen, porter , 53 n.north Main.
Wagner, Stephen, tailor , alley b.between Jackson and Colum-
bus, Emmet and Lafayette.
Wagner, W., clothingdealer , 148 n.north 3d.
Wagoner, Louis, musician , 218 n.north 11th.
Wagonman, Horntze, baker , Green b.between 2d and 3d.
Wahan, John, lab.laborer , rear ns.north side Spruce b. s. 12th & 13th.
Wahl, John, clerk at Lewis and Groshon , 11th b.between
Green and Morgan.
Wahl, William, butcher , 1047 Broadway.
Wahler, E., shoestore , 37 Morgan; r.residence 5th b. Wash and
Wain, Wright Samuel, (Fritz, W. & ,) r.residence
Chouteau av.avenue b.between 6th and 7th.
Waite, Joseph, pressman , Pine b.between 3d and 4th, adjoin-
ing St. Louis Theater.
Waite, Liberty, justice of the peace , 5th ward,
office 26 Pine; r.residence Losi Market.
Waite, Thomas, hardware dealer , sw. c. Benton
and Broadway.
Waitmann, Peter, cooper , 331 n.north 7th.
Wakelam, Wm.William W., piano warehouse , Mercantile
Library Building, 5th; r.residence City Hotel.
Wakeman, George, butcher , c.corner Christy and Pratt avs.
Wakins, F. G., bookkeeper , U. S. Mills, 7th b.between Pop-
lar and Cerre.
Wakins, Thomas Edwin, bookkeeper , 9 n.north Main; r.residence
323 s.south 4th.
Walane, Christ., lab.laborer , ne. c. Papin and 14th.
Walburke, Gottlieb, foreman , Sanford & Crane, Pork
house , 257 b.between 2d; r.residence 25 Lombard and 3d.
Walch, Austin, comm. merchant , Commercial b.between Vine
and Locust; r.residence 142 14th.
Walch, Patrick, tailor , 177 s.south 4th.
Walcli, Timothy, waiter at King’s hotel .
Walch, Wm.William, bookkeeper at Mrs. J. C. Allen’s ; r.residence 96
Walcke, William, soapmaker , es.east side Bellefontaine road
b.between Harrison and Dock.
Waldeckcr, Jacob, upholsterer, at Scrritt & Mason’s ;
r.residence ss.south side Franklin av.avenue b.between 12th and 13th.
Waldecker, Wm.William, Stores and tinware , 135 Franklin av.
Walden, Isaac, carp.carpenter , 355 n.north 9th.
Wahler, John, carp.carpenter , se.south east c.corner Columbus and Lesperance.
Walder, Joseph, miittrassmaker , r.residence 6 n.north 14th.
Waldicker, Jacob, upholsterer , Franklin av.avenue b.between 12th
and 13th.
Waldmaun, Jacob, tanner , es.east side Dekalb b.between Victor and
Waldrow, David, works at rollingmill , 10th ward; r.residence
rollingmill buildings.
Waldeschmidt, Albert, confectioner at Barnum’s Hotel ;
r. sw. c. Cone and s.south 6th.
Walendy, August, blacksmith , c.corner 7th & Franklin av.
Walenfechtel, Lewis, grocer , sw. c. 19th & n.north Market.
Wales, Cabot & , wholesale grocers, 76 n.north 2d.
Wales, Dexter T., (Wales, Cabot & ,) Fill-
more av. b. Cass and St. Charles.
Wales, Orrin, (W., Cabot & ,) , 31 n.north 4th.
Wales, Oliver H., (W., Caboot & ) r.residence 31
s.south 4th.
Walioh, Geo. F., es.east side Dekalb b.between Lafayette and Emmet.
Walich, Peter, grocer , es.east side Dekalb b.between Lafayette and
Walkenhorst, Fritz, brickyard , Closey b.between Carrol and
Park av.
Walker, Abraham, tanner , 439 Carondelet av.
Walker, Anton, baker , 297 s.south 3d.
Walker, B. F., clerk , 119 & 121 n.north 2d.
Walker, Benjamin, Major , paymaster U. S. A.,
office 24 s.south 5th.
Walker, Charles, porter , St. Anthony b.between 5th and 6th.
Walker, Charles H., porter , c.corner 6th and Rutgers.
Walker, Frederick, artist , 45 n.north 3d.
Walker, Geo., bookkeeper , Menard b.between Park av.avenue and
Walker, Geo., currier , 206 n.north Main; r. c. Wash & 5th.
Walker, George, upholsterer at Scarritt & Mason , 12th
b.between Franklin av.avenue and Morgan.
Walker, Geo. K., butcher , 24th b.between Christy av.avenue and
Walker, G. S., Dr. , office 72 n.north 4th.
Walker, Henry, carp.carpenter , sw. c. Maiket and Pratt av.
Walker, Isaac, carpetdealer , 110 n.north Main; r.residence Virginia
Walker, James, grainer , 175 St. Charles.
Walker, John, agent , Adam’s Express , sw. c. 14th
and Poplar.
Walker, Josephine, 106 n.north 8th.
Walker, Louis, profit , Center Exchange and Board-
inghouse, 305 Market.
Walker, Matthias, 364 n.north 2d.
Walker, Neal, grocer , ne. c. 16th ’ Bremen av.
Walker, Richard, machinist , n.north 10th b.between Chambers and
WalkerRobert, Major, chief eugiueer , n.north Mis-
souri R. R.,38 n.north 6th.
Walker, Thomas, collector , 4th district, office City
Hall; r.residence 116 n.north 6th.
Walker, Thomas, bricklayer , 13 n.north 4th.
Walker, Wm.William, baker , 341 n.north 6th.
Walker, W., barroom , 91 n.north Front; r.residence Franklin av.avenue
b.between 6th and 7th.
Walker, William, carpenter , 32 O’Fallon.
Walker, Wm.William G., policeman , 60 Biddle.
Walker, William, laborer , 245 s.south 4th.
Walkoff, Adolph, ropemaker , sw. c. n. 12th and An-
Walkoff, Rudolph, teacher , 34 s.south 4th.
Wall, Addison, Pacific R. R. office; r.residence 5 s.south 7th.
Wall, C., widow, ws.west side Jackson b.between Barry and Marion.
Wall, Chas., bookkeeper , 38 Cherry.
WallGeo. W., Rev., nw. c. Jackson and Soulard.
Wall & Widen , comm. merchants and steamboat
agents, 42 Commercial, and 21 n.north Levee.
Wall, Nathaniel, (W. & Widen,) Cote Bril-
liant, Caroline av.
Wall, Thomas, constable , office 2 Collins; r.residence 24
Wall, Thomas, carpenter , 79 n.north 11th.
Wall, Wm.William, Orange b.between 16th and 17th.
Wall, Wm.William, ostler , 112 Chesnut.
Wallace, Asa A., clerk , 120 2d; r.residence 152 n.north 10th.
Wallace, Edward, clerk , P. R. R. office, ss.south side Maiket, b.between
2d and 3d.
Wallace, Elisabeth, widow, grocervstore , 96 s.south 5th.
Wallace, Henry, shipcarpenter , c.corner Main and Ashley.
Wallace, Lee C., Merritt House, sw. c. 3d and Olive,
r.residence 66 n.north 3d.
Wallace, Mary, widow, 93 WashWashington avenue .