St. Louis directory :
Budd, G. K., insurance ag’t , 17 Olive; r.residence 172 Pine.
Burt, Calvin C., (Spies & B.,) r.residence Planters’house.
ByrneJohn, Jr., real estate ag’t , 82 Chesuut; r.residence
162 s.south 4th.
Byrne, Peter O’D., (Masterson, B. & ,) r.residence
141 Washington av.avenue
Cady, Charles F., (Marshall & C.) r.residence 11th, b.between
Market and Clark aw.
Cady, William, r.residence Virginia Hotel.
Camper, Henry, watchman , Virginia Hotel
Cantwell, A. J., bookkeeper , r.residence Virginia Hotel.
Capers, James H., (McDannold & C.,) r.residence 15th
b.between Market and Clark av.avenue
Card, D. T., carriage dealer , repository, 33 n.north 3d.
Card, Nathan, r.residence 104 Collins.
Carey, David, barkeeper , Virginia Hotel.
Carl F. & Brothee , hat and cap manufacturers,
50 s.south 2d.
Carroll, James, (J, K. Brettell & ,) r. se. c
14th and Market.
Catherwood, Robert H., 186 Olive.
Cavender, John, president Mutual Savings In-
stitution , r.residence 187 n.north 3d.
Chamberlin, G. T., druggist , 531 Broadway; r.residence
ns.north side Chambers b.between 11th and 12th.
Charleville, W. A., wholesale and retail grocer ,
247 Broadway; r.residence 7th b. Wash and Carr.
Chatard, P. F., salesman , 24 n.north Levee; r.residence Virginia hotel.
ChenowethJ. W., Dr., occulist and surgeon , 14
s.south 8th.
Christy, John G., (Waters & C.,) r.residence Park av.avenue
opposite Lafayette Park.
Clark, Frederick, furniture dealer , 112 Market;
r.residence Townsley’s Hotell.
Clark, J. C., (Boardman & C.,) sw. c. 6th & Pine
Clarke, S. R., sec’y America Insurance Company ,
r.residence 138 s.south 5th.
Clarke, Thomas H., c.corner St. Ange and Chouteau avs.
Coalter, John D., attorney , 8 n.north 5th.
Collier, GeorgeMrs., nw. c 16th & Lucas place.
Colman, Samuel M., (Johnson & ,) r.residence Chou-
teau av.avenue b.between 6th and 7th.
Commercial Ins. Co. , sw. c. Main and Pine.
Conant, H. A., (H. A. C. & ,) r.residence 179 Locust.
Cook, Smith & , produce commission mer-
chants, 39 s.south Main.
Cook, Wm.William, (C. Smith & ,) r.residence 21 10th.
Coons, Philip, proprietor Chouteau House , c.corner 7th
and Chesnut.
Cornwell, James, real estate ag’t and eraminer
of titles , c.corner 3d & Chesnut; r.residence Spring, s.south Clark av.avenue
Cornyn, Florence M., Dr. , r.residence City Hotel.
Cowden, Thomas, painter , 37 Olive.
Cowperthwait, W. P., pawnbroker , 67 Locust.
Cozens, Wm.William H., surveyor and topographical engi-
neer , 38 Chesnut; r.residence c.corner 7th and Elm.
Crane, B. F., jeweller , Odd Fellows’ Hall, c 4th
and Olive.
Crosman, G. H. Col., 180 Pine.
CrosmanG. H., Jr., 180 Pine.
Cutter, J. M., r.residence Olive b.between 13th and 14th.
Davis, John, family grocer , 1096 Broadway.
D’arcambal, L. F., com. merchant and steamboat
agent , c.corner Vine and Commercial alley.
Davis, J. T., bookkeepers’ at J. Sigerson’s; r.residence 258 s.south 9th
De Montrevilie, Clarence, dentist , 59 5th.
Dennison, Martin, Merchants’ Echange , 72 Chesnut;
r.residence 141 Franklin av.avenue
Dickenson L. C. & , real estate agents and
auctioneers, 26 n.north 3d.
Dickenson, L. C., (L. C. D. & ,) Orange b.between
12th and 13th.
Dikeman, Homer H., (English, D. & ,) r.residence
Monroe House.
Donegan, J. J., drygoode , 60 Market; r.residence 16th b.between
Clark av.avenue and Market.
Dougherty, W. W., lottery broker , c.corner 3d & Vine.
Douglas, Samuel S., (D. Gazzam & ,) r.residence
13 n.north 11th.
Dudderidge, J. E., advertising agent , c.corner Olive
and Main.
Duffy, John, composition roofer , c.corner 4th & Poplar.
Duncan, James R., 125 n.north 3d.
Durkan, John, sw. c. 14th and Poplar.
Edgell S. M. & , com. merchants, 53 s.south Main.
Essex & Block , manufacturers of cotton batting,
160 Green.
Essex, James C., (E. & Block,) ws.west side 8th b.between St.
Charles and Locust.
Farnsworth, Thos., sashmaker , 309 n.north Main.
Fay, Thomas, railroad conductor , Virginia Hotel.
Fellerer, Edward A., Dr. , office ns.north side Locut b.between
8th and 9th.
Felps, James A., Dillon , b.between Park av.avenue & Hickory.
Filley, Edward A., (E. A. & S. R. Filley,) r.residence
304 Olive.
Finlay, J. R., 56 s.south Main.
Fithian, Capt.Thomas M., 200 Morgan.
Fletcher & Haren , real estate agents, 46 Ches-
Fluett & Griffith , bricklayers, office 86 Chesnut.
Fluett, E., (F. & Griffith,) 86 Cbesnut.
Pord, R., capt. , Virginia Hotel.
Foster, J. C., 8 s.south Commercial.
Pranze, Anton, game depot , 86 Chesnut, r.residence 84 Chesnut.
Preeman, E. J., express messenger , Virginia Hotel.
Freligh L. L. & L. H. , pawnbrokers, 12 Vine.
French, A. F., clerk , Virginia Hotel.
Frishbie, F. W., clerk , c.corner Broadway and O’Fallon;
r.residence c.corner 13th and Madison.
Fulton, James P., clerk , Virginia hotel.
Gage W. L. F. & , saw manufacturers, Empire
saw works. Main, above Florida.
Gantt, Thomas T., lawyer , office 49½ Chesnut; r.residence
ss.south side Chouteau av. b 9th and 10th.
Gilmer, Thos. W., attorney , 49½ Cheanut,
Goddard, Elbridge, (S. G. Sears & ,) Park
av.avenue b.between St. Ange av.avenue and Dillon.
Goodin, John, steam and gaspipe fitter , 42 Vine.
Gorton, Wm.William R., (J. C. Havens & ,) ns.north side Locust
b.between 9th and 10th.
Grimshaw, Jonathan, clerk , 213 Olive.
Griffith, J.(Fluett & G.,) 86 Chesnut.
Hackmann, Joseph, (Spaunhorst & ,) r. ns.
Carrb. 14th and 15th.
Hall, Wm.William T., superintendent Virginia Hotel.
Hammack, E. B., realestate agent , 46 Chesnut.
Handey, J. T., undertaker , 50 Mound.
Harkness, Jas., (Glasgow & H.,) 44 St. Charles.
Harlow, Wm.William L., (Hussey & H.,) r.residence c.corner 11th and
Harvey, George. (H & Whedon,) 14 Pine.
Hathaway, John W., (John, Whitehill & ,)
230 n.north 5th.
Havacan, Wm.William R., clerk Virginia Hotel.
Hill, Grover & Hill , attorneys, 46 Chesnut.
Hodges, M. J., Virginia Hotel.
Henkel, Otto, merchant tailor , 63 Walnut.
Heinrichs & Reinhart , importers and com-
mission merchants, 17 s.south 2d.
Hodgkins, John B., engineer , Napoleon House, 3d.
Hoit, True Worthy. 18 s.south 4th.
Holcomb, Henry, clerk , c.corner 4th and Olive; r.residence Towns-
ley’s Hotel.
Hollo, Way E. W., (W. H. Smith & ,) r.residence 11th
s.south Market.
Homans, J. B., capt. , Virginia Hotel.
Holmes R. & , lumberdealers, c.corner 5th and Wal-
Houston, W. W., clerk . 82 n.north 2d; r. c 12th and Orange.
Hungerford, G. W., attorney . 31 Chesnut.
Hurck, Peter J., lawyer , 84 Chesnut; r. ws. n.
11th b.between Green and Morgan.
Hussey & Harlow , grocers, c.corner 9th and Mound.
Hussey, H. O.(H. & Harlow) r.residence c.corner 11th & Howard.
Hussey, Batchelor, r.residence ne.north east c.corner 11th and Howard.