St. Louis directory :
LoganJ. B., Rev.editor "Cumberland Presbyterian"
18 n.north 3d.
Ldber, Adalbert, editor “Tages Clnonik.”
Ma & Willis , publishers “Commercial List.”
McAnnallyD. R., Rev., editor “St. Louis Christian
Advocate,” 7 Pine.
McKee, Wm.William, publisher “Mo. Democrat,” 324 n.north 6th.
McLeod, Donald, Ll.D., editor “Sunday Leader.”
Meyer, F. L., editor “Volksblatt.”
Mills, B. H., editor “Good Templar,” 8 Post office
Mitchell, A. S., editor “St. Louis Intelligencer,” 107
Neudorff, Julius, local editor “Anzeiger des Westens.”
r.residence 68 Pine.
Paschall, Nathaniel, editor “Missouri Republican.”
Ramsey, C. G., publisher “Intelligencer” and “Even-
iug News,” es.east side Collins b. Wash and Carr.
Rice, N. L., D.D., editor “St. Louis Presbyterian,”
92 Waluut.
Seay, Wm.William A., assistant editor “St. Louis Leader.”
Temple, J. T., editor “Journal of Homoepathy.”
Wade, Charles A. C., ass’t editor “St. Louis Leader.”
Wolf, John, publisher “Revue de l’Ouest.”
Engineers (Civil) and Surveyors.
Bissell, J. W., Pine, over Boatman’s Sav’g Institution.
Bowen, John S., civil engineer and archi-
tect , 14 Pine, b.between 3d and 4th.
Churchill, F. A., 43 Chesnut.
City Engineer’s Office , sw. c. Main and Pine, ups.
Cook, J. F., 43 Chesnut.
Cozens, Wm.William H., land surveyor, civil and
topographical engineer , office 38 Chesnut,
ups. b. 2d and 3d, and at City Engi-
neer’s office. He will attend particularly
to surveys of lots and tracts of lands
within the elly and county of St. Louis.
Crosby, D. S., I. H. R. R., r.residence Monroe House.
De Haas, Charles, county engineer’s office.
Du Barry, Joseph, 43 Chesnut.
Grey, Edward, county engineer , Court House.
Hall, Joseph, 116 Morgan.
Kayser, Henry, 2d Carondelct av.avenue
Kossack, Fred., 159 Market.
Koenig, Brothers, c.corner 2d and Chesnut.
Lambert, John, c.corner 4th and Locust.
Laniard, Chas. D., c.corner 4th and Locust.
Lougiiborough, John, surveyor general for 111. and
Mo., 10 Chesnut.
Marshall, George, r.residence King’s Hotel.
Milburn, Wm.William, Grand av.avenue , b.between Rappahannock and
Miller, Edward, chief engineer P. R. R. , 43 Chesnut.
Mohrhardt, Francis, deputy couuty surveyor , city
Moulton, J. B., civil engineer , I. M. R. R.
Mustek, James C., 75 s.south 14th.
Parsell, G. B., 43 Cheroot
Salomon, C. E., county surveyor , Court House.
Vushurg, H. E., c 7th and Chouteau av.avenue
waer, R. Maj., chief engineer N. Mo. B. R. 38 n.north 6th.
Wukmson, H., 316 n.north 6th
Engravers, Stencil Cutters. &c.
Baasford, Henry T., r.residence Denison House.
BauerGeorge, A., 19, chesnut.
Cleveland, Henry, Mercantile Library Building, 5th.
Compton, R. J., general engraver , Merean-
tile Library Buildings, 64 5th, 1 door
from c.corner Locust. Bank-note eng. agency.
Connor, Richard, 50 n.north 4th.
Greene, Moseley, 20 n.north 2d.
Kerehaw, J. M., Chesnut, b.between Main and 2d.
Macwitz, Wm.William, c.corner 2d asd Market.
Thore, George H., 58 Pine.
Vanderhaghen W. & E. , c.corner 3d and Walnut.
Wilson & Parker , 14 Olive.
American Express , 56 n.north Main.
Adams & ’s Express , 52 n.north Main.
Uniteb States Express , No. 12
North Main street. Connects with Wells,
Fargo & , California, and the Ame-
rican and European Expresses, New
Richerdson’s Express , 12 n.north Main.
Valentine & ’s Express , 39 n.north Levee.
Fancy Goods, Notions, &c.,
*Abenheira, M., 52 n.north Main.
Baker, John, 48 s.south 2d.
*Bender, Hildenbrandt & , 115 n.north Main.
Rerger, Edmund, 52 Market.
Bieg, AntoineMrs., 152 n.north 4th.
Bieg, Valentine, 159 n.north 4th.
Bohmer, E. P., c.corner 4th and Franklin av.avenue
Broeker W. & , 35 Franklin av.avenue
Brooks, Angenette, 58 Market.
*Brown & , 78 n.north Main.
Cramer, Theodore, 3 Franklin av.avenue
Carrie, George C., 280 Broadway.
*Dings F. & , 39 n.north Main.
Domnich, George, 60 n.north 4th.
Franklin, Robert H., 76 n.north 4th.
Haas, Eugene, c.corner 4th and Olive.
Hohenthal, Gustave, 276 Broadway.
Jager, Ferdinand, 233 s.south 4th.
Katz, Charles, 214 Broadway.
*Lackmau & Busch , 40 n.north Main.
*Langsdorf & Rosenstein , 180 n.north Main.
Lowenstcin & Jacobs , 212 and 382 Hrondway.
Morrison J. J. & , 2 Glasgow row, 4th.
O’Malley, John, 1 n.north Levee.
Rabham, Emile, c.corner 6th and Spruce.
*Reed & , 84n.north Main.
Robinson, EmilyMrs., 76 Market.
Schuster, G. H., 5 s.south 2d.
Seiman, Morris, 223 Broadway.
*Simon A. & H. T. , 18 n.north Hate.
Simon, Morris, 223 Broadway.
*Speck L. & C. & , 60 n.north Main.
Topping, L. C., 138 n.north Main.
*Wolff & Hoppe , 159 and 161 n.north Main.
Feed Stores.
Andreas, Richard, 134 Carondclct av.avenue
Bellamy, Eugene, 99 Caroudelet av.avenue
Bowe, Peter, 188 s.south 3d.
Bristah, Richard, Cherry, b.between Main and 2d.
deary, Michael, 243 Market.
Cordes, Albrecht C., c.corner 8th and Carrol.
Dunand M.Hesz, , 115 Carondelet av.avenue
Fletcher, Wm.William, Franklin av.avenue , b.between 16th and 17th.
Gelle, Joseph, 80 Carondolet av.avenue
Gleich, P., 444 Caroodelet av.avenue
Lott, Henry, 166 Biddle.
Miron, Ambrose, 109 s.south Main.
Moore, Michael, 2 Walnut.
Muller, John, 201 Carondelet av.avenue
Mller, John, 728 Broadway.
Ott, Peter, 305 Carondeh’t av.avenue
Scheacb, Valentine, 305 Carondelet av.avenue
Smith J. W. it , 58 and 60 Locust.
Spencer, H., 248 Broadway.
Strattman & , 237and 239 a. 4th.
Todd, David, 286 Broadway.
File Maxufacturers.
Jessop Wm.William Sons , n.north Main.
Smith, Joseph, 311 n.north 9th.