St. Louis directory :
Bryan & Bro. , c.corner Broadway and O’Falion.
Bryan, Jokn, 311 Franklin av.avenue
Carr & Icennett , Lumber dealers; office
Broadway, b.between Cass av.avenue and Davis; also,
Levee b. Carr and Blddlc.
Cartan David & , c.corner Broadway and Casa av.avenue
Clark Henry L. & , c 9th and Casa av.avenue
Degenhart, J. C., 11 Carondelet av.avenue
Dickey & Holmes , c.corner Walnut and 5th.
Falkuer &
Frisby, F. W., 116 Collins.
Hall, Verro V., 118 n.north 9th.
Hathaway, John W., 230 n.north 5th.
Holmes R. & , dealers in all kinds of
white and yellow pine and poplar lum-
ber, shingles, laths, doors, sash, &c., c.corner
5th and Elm.
Judd & Leeds , lumber merchants, deal
In all kinds of lumber, laths, shingles,
sash, &c., nw. c. Broadway and Mul-
Krenning W. & F. , c 8th and Market.
Leonard, Jas. D., c 14th and Washington av.avenue
Livermore H. & , ss.south side Allen av.avenue , near iron works.
Lowry, John, 75 n.north 10th.
Matlack Albert & Earl , c 15th and Franklin av.avenue
Matlack, George, 355 Morgan.
Morrison, Wm.William, lumber merchant , near c.corner
12th. and Market; dealer in all kinds of
pine and poplar lumber, shingles, lath,
doors, sash, &c.
Morse, J. A., r.residence King’s Hotel.
Parks & Andrews , dealers in oil kinds
of pine and poplar lumber, shingles, lath,
doors, &c., nw. c. 12th and Locust.
Patterson & Fergasoa , Main, b.between Hempstead and La-
Patrick Wm.William & , c Main and Biddle.
Reis, Bartel, c.corner Menard and Marion.
Reis, Valentine, 280 Franklin avenue.
Rice, Bartholomew, c.corner 2d and Sycamore.
Alexander, Riddle,
Lumber Merchant ,
Corner of Broadway and Blddlc sts.
Rippey M. & , dealers in poplar and
white and yellow pine lumber, dressed
white and yellow pine flooring, siding,
shingles, sash, lath, cedar posts, &c., c.corner
7th and Market.
Rodgers J. A. & Son , c.corner Broadway and Mullanphy.
Rowe, Joseph, 423 Broadway.
Royer, Henry, c.corner 9th and Market.
Smith, Charles B., c.corner 7th and Cass av.avenue
Tormey Frank A. & , 29 n.north 3d.
Van Horn, Charles M., Beltefontaine road, b.between Salis-
bury and Malinkrodt.
Van Sickle John & Son , WashWashington avenue .
West, Thomas H., c.corner 9th and Cass avenue.
West, Washington, c.corner 7th and Cass avenue.
White, J. H., c Broadway and O’Fallon.
White, Joseph P., c.corner 3d and Vine.
Whitehill John & , lumber mer-
chants; office and yard, corner of Fifth
and Carr streets.
Wortmann, T.Henry, 450 Broadway.
Wortmann, H. P., Broadway, b.between Florida & Mullanphy.
Wright D. T. & , lumber merchants,
cor.corner of lath and Market; dealers in all
kinds of pine and poplar lumber.
Machinery and Machinists.
Felber Jacob & , c.corner Mulberry and Levee.
Gage & , c.corner 2d & Palm.
Houts Henry C. & , 21 Market.
Moies M. G. & , agents for machinery, 16 n.north Main.
Nutz, L. N., 21 Washington av.avenue
Pacific, R. R.Machine Shop, c Chouteau and Comp-
ton avs.
Rigdon, C. H., 6 n.north 3d.
Sell, Ward & Shepard , c.corner Main and Ashley.
Tyzack, J. W., 84 Morgan.
Zimmermann, G. H., 45 and 47 Myrtle.
Maps, Charts, &c.
Baker, Herman, 183 Sranklin avenue.
Hutawa, Julius, 49 n.north 3d.
Shaw, B. F., agent for Mitchell’s new national map,
Postoffice buftding.
Schaerff, Brothers , 46 n.north 3d.
Marble and Stone Dealers and
Bower, Thomas, Pacific Marble Works ,
123 Locust street, b.between 5th and 6th, north
Dunn, c. C., Moder & , city Marble works, c.corner
Spruce and s.south 4th.
Empire Stone Works , w.west of Center Market.
Fuller, Lucien H., 33 n.north 3d.
Halliday & Olmstead , 65 Market.
Nordman, George, c.corner Spring and Broadway.
Park & McClintock , c.corner 15th and Washington avenue.
Repp, Andrew, 159 s.south 2d.
Steel & Watson , Clark av.avenue , b.between 7th and 8th.
Warne, E. W., 7 and 9 s.south 4th.
Wilson J. C. & , marble works, 95 Washington av.avenue
Mathematical and Philosophical In-
strument Makers.
Blattner, Jacob, 44 Market.
Holske, Wm.William F., 62 Chesnut.
Meyer, c.corner H., 25 s.south 2d.
Nutz, Leonard N., 21 Washington av.avenue
Werne, Philip, 66 Chesnut.
Wuger, K., 63 n.north 2d.
Mercantile and Commercial Agencies.
Bradstreet J. M. & Sons . 54 n.north 2d.
Douglass B. & , 15 Olive.
Duddridge J. E. & , c.corner Olive and Main.
Webster, Thomas, agent for Webster, Moir &
Milliners, Millinery Goods, &c.
Allen, Mary E., milliner , 33 Franklin av.avenue
*Armstrong & Casey , 39 n.north Main.
Barnhurst, Anna, 74 Market.
Barnhurst, Samuel, 74 and 180 Market.
Benner, L. P., 77 Morgan.
Blattuer, Rudolph, 185 Franklin av.avenue
Borroughs, Wm.William H., 73 Fianklin av.avenue
Clark, L. H.Mrs., (costumer) 48 Market.
Criinder, R., 108 Morgan.
Curtis, Charles, 46 Market.
Davis, JosephMrs., 168 Broadway.
Davis, N.Mrs., 140 and 178 n.north 3d.
Deneny, FrancesMrs., 97 Market.
Dennison, Martin, 141 Franklin av.avenue
Donnelly, Mary, 65 s.south 5th.
Farmer, MargaretMrs., 11 s.south 3d.
Fischer, Leopold, 27 Carondelet av.avenue
Frittenbach, Mrs., 182 Franklin av.avenue
Haines, Mrs., 260 Broadway.
Hampe, Dorothea, 307 s.south 4th.
Hofman, Clara, 315 s.south 4th.
Hummel, John, 107 s.south 2d.
Hunter, JaneMiss, 42 s.south 4th.
Jenkins, Nathaniel, 807 Broadway.
Keller, Mrs., 209 n.north 8th.
Kelly, Michael L., 84 Market.