St. Louis directory :
Chouteau, A. P.Mrs., es. s. 8th b.between Choutean av.avenue and
Gratiot st.street
Chouteau, Chas. P., (C, Harrison & Valle,)
c.corner Olive and 6th.
Chouteau, Frances, widow, 146 Pine.
Chouteau, Gabriel S., 73 s.south 6th.
Chooteau, H.Mrs., ss.south side Clark av.avenue b.between 11th and 12th.
Chouteau, Harrison & Valle , proprietors
“Laclede Iron Works,” office 18 Washington av.avenue
Chouteau P. Jr. & , American Fur Compa-
ny, 18 Washington av.avenue
Chouteau, P.Jr., (C. P. Jr. & ) c.corner Market
and 7th.
Chouteau, Sylvester, collector 3d district,
office City Hall; r.residence ss.south side Chestnut b.between 14th and 15th.
Chott, Peter, tailor , s.south Soulard Market.
Chrigman, Henry, bricklayer , 211 n.north 14th.
Chrismeir, Gotleib, bricklayer , 202 11th.
Christ, Frederick, baker , 456 n.north Main.
Christ, Martin, heater , 267 Carondelet av.avenue
Christtb, D. H.. master of transportation Ohio &
Mississippi R. R., 39 n.north 12th.
Christel, Charles, shoemaker , 123 s.south 2d.
Christen, Johanu M., basketmaker , es.east side Dekalb b.between Vic-
tor and Sidney.
Christen, William, barkeeper , ss.south side Market b.between 17th
and 18th.
Christian, Jacob, saloon , 726 Broadway.
Christian, Martin, laborer , opp.opposite U. S. Marine Hospital.
Christian, N. M., silversmith , 61 Olive; r.residence ss.south side Vine b.between
2d and 3d.
Christler, John, laborer , es.east side Dekalb b.between Picotte and
Chistmann, Andrew, carriagepainter , Fallon &
Wright’s, nw. c. n. 15th st and Franklin av.avenue
Christmann, Jacob, tailor , 187 Franklin av.avenue
Christofler, Frederick, tinner , 63 s.south 2d; r.residence c.corner Easton
and Sidney.
Christophel, Franz, laborer , c.corner Park and Compton av.avenue
Christophel, John, tailor , ws.west side 20th b.between Market and Es-
Christopher & Campbell , West’s patent cement roof-
ing. 146 n.north 5th.
Christopher, H.Dr. , office 136 n.north 5th; r.residence c.corner 5th
and Washington
Christopher, Jacob, foreman Pullis’ foundry , 260 s.south
Christopher, John, (Wilkinson & C.) 207 Ches-
Christopher, Julia123 Chesnut.
Christy, Frederick, cabinet making and jobbing , 102
Locust; r.c. 5th and Green.
Christy, David H., superintendent O. & M. R. R. , 39
n.north 12th.
Christy, James. (L. A. Benoist & ) Park av.avenue
opp.opposite Lafayette Park.
Christy, Wm.William T., (Woods, C. & ) es.east side 5th b.between
Locust and St. Charles.
Church, John R., Lieutenant 1st Cavalry , office
41 Olive, boards at Planters’ Home.
Christy, John, coffee-house , 11 n.north Levee.
Christy, John, pumpmaker , 99 and 101 n.north 2d.
Chrohman, Friedrica, cabinetmaker , 331 B. 2d.
Chrohmann, J. F.. cabinetmaker . 231 s.south 2d; r.residence same.
Chuber, ——, finisher , 22s n.north Main.
Church, AmeliaMrs., n.north 10th b.between Chambers and Web-
Church, Anson W., engineer , Closey b.between Carrol st.street &
Park av.avenue
Church Extension Committee , of the Pur-
hureh. 88 Market, up stairs.
Church Germanic , ne. c. Clark av.avenue and 7th st
Church Of Jesus Christ, Latter-Day
Saints , Erastua Snow elder, c.corner 4th st.street & Wash-
ington avenue.
Church M. E. , sw. c. n. 13th and Bentoo.
Church St. Mark . nw. c. Jackson and Soulard.
Churchill, F. A., civil engineer , 43 Chesuut; r.residence Plan-
ters’ House.
Churchill, John, grocer , 104 n.north 7th.
Churchill, John, waiter , Monroe House.
Churchill, Levi, merchant and agent Hazard
Powder , 60 n.north 2d; r.residence 11th b.between Market and
Churchill, Samuel B., 174 Olive.
Churchill, Thomas, tailor , 130 n.north 3d.
Churchill, Thomas, tailor , r.residence 236 n.north 8th.
Cicha, Martin, laborer , ws.west side Fulton b.between Carrol and Sou-
Cieres, George, watchman , 1G4 n.north 9th.
Cigrand, Peter, blacksmith , ss.south side Market b.between 20th and
Cika, Johann, tailor , s.south Soulard Market.
Cikhoff, Frank, carpenter , 265 s.south 2d.
Cilcon, Patrick, foundryinan , 210 n.north 9th,
Cinnner, Charles, wagonmaker , 271 s.south 2d.
Cissna, J. P., auction stable , Broadway b.between Biddle and
Carr; r.residence 93 Biddle.
Cist, L. J., teller in Savings Institution, 100 n.north Main;
r.residence 247 Morgan.
Citizens’ Ins. Co., of Missouri , office se.south east c.corner Mam
and Pine, up stairs.
City, Brewery, C.G. Stiefel proprietor , 38 and
40 Cherry.
City Engineer’s Office , sw. c. Main & Pine,
3d floor.
City Hotel. A. S. Merritt proprietor, ne. c.
Vine and 3d.
City Lunch House, P. Mailer proprietor, 76 s.south 2d.
Clacker, George H., clerk , 2 n.north Levee; boards Carrol
b.between Buel and Decatur.
Clacs, Joseph, laborer , 154 n.north 9th.
Claflin Allen & , wholesale boot and shoe
dealers, 80 n.north Main.
Claflin, William, (C. Allen & ,) non-resi-
Clagg, James, gunsmith , 236 n.north 10th.
Clagg, John, laborer , 236 n.north 10th.
Clair, Henry, foundryman , 15th b. Wash and Carr.
Clair, ——, finisher , 228 n.north Main.
Claker, Henry, laborer , 204 n.north 11th.
Clamore, Lewis, pilot , 26 Madison.
Clamorgan H. & , barbers and bathhouse, 67
Pine c.corner 4th.
Clamorgan, H., (H. C. & ,) c.corner Rosetta and Soulard.
Clamorgan, Julia, widow, c.corner Gamble av.avenue and Naomi.
Clampett, W., clerk , 140 n.north Levee.
Clancy, Henry, laborer , Cass av.avenue b.between 12th and 13th.
Clancy, John T., tailor , se.south east c.corner Jackson and Carrol.
Clancy, Martin, laborer , 132 Collins.
Clancy, Michael, furnituredealer . 5 WashWashington avenue .
Clancy, Michael, grocer , 237 n.north 9th.
Clancy, Michael, grocer , 446 n.north Main.
Claue, William, saddler , 539 Broadway b.between Howard and
Clanton, Lewis, engineer , 423 Market.
Claphamson Benjamin & , wholesale aud
retail boot and shoe store, sw. c. 3d and Vine.
Cbrenbach, Emile, clerk , 31 s.south Main.
Clarey, John, caulker , 316 n.north 6th.
Clarey, william. laborer , 215 n.north 8th.
Clark, A., ticket agent C. A. and St. Louis railroad,
Planter’s House.
Clark, Arthur, laborer , 280 n.north 2d.
Clark, A. T., King’s Hotel
Clark, Ayeky & Voorhies , People’s Iron
Works, c.corner Florida and Main.
Clark, Barnard, laborer , 178 n.north 4th.
Clark G. W. & , saw mill, office 2d b.between Warren
and Benton.
Clark, Carvil, cooper , c.corner 10th and Clark av.avenue ; r.residence Fran-
lin av.avenue b.between 20th and 21st ns.north side
Clark, CarvilJr., merchant , Franklin av.avenue b.between 20th and
21st ns.north side
Clark, Charles S., clerk , 212 Olive.
Clark, Daniel, clerk , se.south east c.corner Washington av and 6th.
Clabk, D. A., produce dealer , nw. c. Main and Wal-
nut; r.residence King’s Hotel.
Clark, D. B., salesman , 153 n.north Main.
Clark, Elbr1Ge G., 212 Pine.
Clare E. W. & Brothers , bankers, sw. c. Main
aud Olive.