St. Louis directory :
Harvey & Whedon , auctioners. 4.5 n.north Main.
Harvey, George, (H. & Whedon,) 54 n.north 7th.
Harvey, Wm.William, lab.laborer , 111, n.north 16th.
Harwidt, Jacob, lab.laborer , ws.west side Columbus b.between Marion and
Harwie, Charles, drayman , 43 Center.
Harzberger, Martin, lab.laborer , Jackson b.between Emmet and
Hase, Conrad, lab.laborer , c.corner 16th and Madison.
Hase & , furniturestore, 66 Morgan.
Hase, F., (H. & ,) 8th b.between Franklin av.avenue and WashWashington avenue .
Hase, J., (H. & ,) 8th b.between Franklin av.avenue and WashWashington avenue .
Hase, John, lab.laborer , 2d b.between Cedar and Plum.
Hasebrock, H. J., bookkeeper , 111 n.north Main; r.residence ne.north east c.corner
4th and Spruce.
Hassel, Joseph, shoemaker , 73 s.south Main; r.residence same.
Haselhose, Martin, tailor , 208 n.north 9th.
Haselhurst, Anton, tailor , 45 Olive; ss.south side Morgan b.between 4th
and 5th.
Haselt1Xe & Bent , hide, leather and oil store,
206 n.north Main.
Haselt1Xe, Wm.William B., (Haseltine & B.,) 20 n.north 6th.
Hasenfeld, Fred., lab.laborer , nw. c. Beaton and n.north 13th.
Hasenpnug, Wm.William, butcher , es.east side Menard b.between Lafayette
av.avenue and Kiauiet.
Haaheurider, Conrad, c.corner 23d and Franklin av.avenue
Hasie Mark N. & Son , watchmakers and jewel-
ers, 142 Market.
Haskall, Wm.William W., carriagemaker , 84 n.north 6th; r.residence 72
Washington av.avenue
Haskell & , bankers, 112 n.north Main.
Haskell, S., (H. & ,) Planter’s House.
Haslett, Dr. , office 748 Broadway.
Haslett, Wm.William, Mechanic’s foundry ; r.residence Collins b.between Cass
av.avenue and O ’Fallon.
Heasunuer, Wm.William, tinstore , 209 Franklin av.avenue
Haslaye, Garret, gunsmith , 17 Franklin av.avenue
Hasper, Benjamin, lab.laborer , 204 n.north 11th.
Hass, S., bootmaker , 17 Locust, boards 10 Locust.
Hass, EdwardDr. , office ss.south side Hickory b.between 5th and 6th.
Hassebrock, Geo., porter , 151 n.north .Mam.
Hasbehkea, Henry, hatter , 429 s.south 7th.
Hasselam, Charles, 212 Carr.
Haasellman, F. A., cl’k , 136 & 138 n.north 2d; r.residence 12th b.between
Olive and Pine.
Hassemeyer, Adam, mill belting maker , 212 n.north Main;
r.residence 9th b. Carr and Biddle.
Hassendanfel, Charles, finisher , Rutgers b.between 6th and 7th.
Hassendeubel, Chas., finisher , c.corner 6th and Rutgers.
Hassendeubel, F., 2d vicepresideut of German
Institute ; r.residence 3d b.between Poplar and Plum.
Hassendkubel, F., architect , nw. c. 3d and Ches-
nut; r.residence 52 s.south 5th.
Hasser, Joeeph P., saddler , ss.south side Martha b.between Buel and
Harsett, George W., ale dealer , 436 Morgan.
Hadsforter, George, carp.carpenter , ns.north side Allen av.avenue b.between Fulton and
Hassforter, Lorenz, lab.laborer , c.corner Sidney and Buel.
Hassforter, Geo., chainnaker , 9 n.north Main; r.residence Allen
b.between fulton and 9th.
Hasslern, Barbara, widow, Sidney c.corner Buel.
Hassman, Wm.William, drayman , ws.west side 16th b. n. Market
and Benton.
Hasstedt, J. F., cutter , 122 n.north Main; r. ws. 11th b.between
Franklin av.avenue and WashWashington avenue .
Hastings, Elizabeth, 216 s.south 7th.
Hastings, Jno, shoemaker , ns.north side Labadie b.between 5th and 6th.
Hasfings, L. F., tia, copper and sheet iron worker ,
49 n.north 3d; r.residence over store.
Hastings, Mathew, painter , 216 s.south 7th.
Hastomgs, Patrick, furnitare car , Franklin av.avenue b.between 21st
and 22d.
Hastings, Stewart, cl’k. 73 Myrtle.
Hastman, Heury, barroom , 7 Morgan.
Hostrick, Frederic, mechanic , Lafayette b.between Caronde
let av.avenue and Colon
Hazler, John, finisher , 337 B. 2d.
Hatch, Nicholas, coopershop , se. c. n. 2d and Malink-
Hatch, Samuel S., cl’k , at Planter’s House.
Hatch, Nicholas, Broadway omnibus line; r.residence
ws.west side Broadway b.between Salisbury aiid Malinkrodt.
Hater, Henry, engineer , ss.south side Market b.between 19th and 20th.
Hathaway, Jno. W., lumberdealer , 230 n.north 5th.
Hattman, Anthony, shoemaker . 4l Olive.
Hattman, Joseph, wagonmaker , us. Market b.between 13th
and 14th.
Hattman, William, c.corner Carr and 22d.
Hatro, Philip, wagonnmker , rs. c. Market and La-
clede av.avenue
Hatsell, ——, drygoods merchant , Broadway; r.residence
Townsley’s Hotel.
Hatt, Charles, cooper , 33 s.south 10th.
Hattemer, Bernard, boot & shoemaker , se.south east c.corner 4th and
Hattendorp, F. W., wines & liquors , 282 Franklin av.avenue
Hattenhaus, Fred., lab.laborer , 140 n.north 12th.
Hatteroth, Jacob, barber , 274 Market.
Hattig, E. B., cl’k , 429 s.south 7th.
Hatton, Jno., furniture store , 152 Market.
Hatton, Richard, furniture store , 190 Market.
Hatzel, Frederick, cabinetmaker , c.corner 7th and Boulard.
Haubt, Peter, lab.laborer , ns.north side Lafayette b.between Dekalb and Co-
Hauch, George, bricklayer , ss.south side Emmet b.between Jackson and
Carondelet av.avenue
Hauck, Charles, M. D. , office and r.residence 36 s.south 2d.
Hauck, Conrad, carp.carpenter , rear ns.north side Tradeau b.between Dekalb and
Hauck, Fkrdixaxd, merchant tailor , 36 Pine; r.residence
Moore b.between 16th and 17th.
HauckFred. , M.Dr. , 183 Carondelet av.avenue
Hauckman, Anthony, lab.laborer , alley rear 298 s.south 7th.
Haugh, Michael, lab.laborer nw. c. Green and 5th.
Haughter, Conn, lab.laborer , 53 s.south 13th.
Haoghter, John B., cl’k at W. Dean & ; r.residence 240
Haughton, Thomas, Dr. , office and r.residence 88 Olive.
Hauk, Andreas, lab.laborer , es.east side of Menard st.street , b.between Lafayette
av.avenue and Emmet.
Hauk, Rhinehardt, harneasmaker , 183 Franklin av.avenue
Hanker, Jas., lab.laborer , c.corner 5th and Papin.
Hault, Thomas, baker , Carr b. 10th and 11th.
Haun, Henry, cutter . 42 Morgan.
Haup, Michael, miller , Golumbus b.between Marion and Barry.
Hauprecht, Susan, widow, ws.west side Dekalb b.between Sidney and
Haupt, Jacob, barber , 252 s.south 5th.
Haupt, Jacob, taverukeeper , Park b.between Mississippi av.avenue
and 19th.
Hauptman, Herman, lab.laborer , Columbus bet. Lafayette
and Emmet.
Hauraman, Fr., wagonmaker , Wash b. 12th and 13th.
Haas, Godfrey, blacksmith , alley b.between 1oth and 11th,
Franklin av.avenue & WashWashington avenue .
Hausdorf, Charles, lab.laborer , Colambus b.between Miller and Barry.
Hauseman, James D., liquordealer , 2d; r.residence 96 Wash-
uigton av.avenue
Hauser, C.waiter at Catlerata’s, 51 n.north 4th.
Haushultb, Henry, 1366 Broadway.
Hauser, Daniel, c.corner 3d and Vine; r.residence City hotel.
Hauler, Frank(H. & Schwemberger) nw. c. 3d and
Hauser, Frederick, contractor , ss.south side Victor b.between Easton
and Jackson.
Hauser & Schwemberger , coffeehouse, nw. c. 3d and
Hausmau, ChristianDr. , 13 Franklin av.avenue
Hauaman, Johan, engineer , Marion b.between 7th and Fulton.
Hansman, Louis, finisher , rear U s.south 10th.
Hau8Peb6Eb F. & E. , grocery & r.residence c.corner 24th and
Franklin av.avenue
Haussav, Joseph, carp.carpenter , 166, n.north 9th.
Hausser, Catharine, coffeehouse , 69 s.south Levee.
Hausshamp, Beruh., ss.south side Lafayette b.between Fulton and 7th.
Haven, Charles H., attorney at law , office 291/2
n.north 3d; r.residence at Melrose, St. Louis county.
Haven, John, lab.laborer , 62 Washington av.avenue
Havens J. C & , staple and fancy drygoods.
72 n.north 4th.
Havens, J. C., (J. C. H. & ,) r.residence 246 Olive.