St. Louis directory :

J. W.Tyzack,
84 Morgan Street,
Between Fifth and Sixth streets,
Saint Louis, Mo.,
Importer and Dealer in

[missing figure]

Hardware, Cutlery,
Guns, Pistols, &c.
Keeps constantly on hand a Large and Complete Assortment of
Builders’ and Other Hardware,
of Every Description.

Mechanics’s Tools,
Of all kinds, and of a Superior quality.

Also—Manufacturer of
Valves, for Steam & Gas, Stop Cocks, Guage Cocks,
Steam Bibbs, for Hot and Cold Water.

N. B. Particular attention paid to repairing printing presses, putting up Engines, &c.,
on the shortest notice.

All kinds of Saws Repaired in Workmanlike manner.