St. Louis directory :

Western Depot for
Singer’s Sewing Machines,

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EdwinDean, , Agent ,
No. 106 Fourth Street, St. Louis, Mo.

These Machines have an established reputation all over the civilized world. Some of their main practi-
cal advantages over other machines for similar purposes, are as follows:

1st, They are superior in contrivance. Many distinct improvements, secured by numerous patents, are
combind in them, and the minute perfections attained by years of laborious and costly experimenting, have
been added to them.

2d. They are superior in mechanical workmanship. No attempt has ever been made at xpensive or-
namentation; but all the working parts of Singer’s Machines are made with the highest possible finish, with-
out regard to the cost.

3d. They are more profitable to the user than any other. The fair average, clear profit, of one of Sing-
er’s Machines, regularly employed, is
One Thousand Dollars a Year.

4th. They are Universal in Their Application to Practical Work.
With the same machine fine muslim may be stitched with the finest cotton thread, every description of tai-
loring work be done, and shoes, hurness, or other leather stitching, be exected, and each of these kinds of
work be performed better than by any oher machine.

5th. They are more durable and less liable to get out of order. This results, necessarily, from perfect
contrivance and construction.

6th. A single one of Singer’s Machines, being adapted to all kinds of work, renders it immeasura-
bly superior to all others for
Family and Plantation Sewing,
Fragile and delicate machines, made to please the eye, have no claim to the title of Family Sewing Ma-
chines. From the very nature of their construction, they are limited in their operation - are constantly get-
ting out of order, and soon become mere useless lumber. Family Sewing Machines ought to be
stronger than any other, as a greater variety of work is required of them, and they go into less skillful hands.

7th. Singer’s Machine makes a fast stitch that will never rip, nor ravel, nor pull out.

8th. A Singer Sewing Machine has never yet been returned because it would no operate.
This cannot be said of any other Sewing Machine.

9th. Whoever buys a Singer Machine knows to a certainty it will perform the work re-

10th. Singer’s Machine is Warranted for a Year.

EdwinDean, , Agent ,
No. 106 Fourth st.street , West side, between Locust and St. Charles, opposite Ten Buildings, St. Louis, Mo.

☞ All persons wishing full information about Singer’s Machines can obtain it by applying, by letter, for
a copy of “I. M. Singer & ’s Gazette,” a paper entirely devoted to the subject. It will be sent gratis. ☜