St. Louis directory :
of the
St. Louis Business Mirror
Stranger’s Guide.

The subscriber would announce to the business community that he intends to publish, about
the first of April next, a business work of great value, and on a plan which,for thoroughness and utility,
but never, to his knowledge, been attempted here or elsewhere. The following outline embraces its chief

First. The entire business of the city, from the greatest to the smallest, arranged under appropriate
heards; the name and location of each firm being given in bold type, and the name and residence of each
member of the firm immediately under it, in smaller type.

Second. A list of the streets and avenues of the city, with the boundaries of the city and city wards.

Third. A full list of the banking houses, savings institutions, insurance offices, &c., with the days of
discount at the several banks.

Fourth. All public buildings, grounds, places of amusement, &c., with the essential facts concerning
the same.

Fifth. Benevolent institutions, churches, societies, &c., and all useful information regarding them.

Sixth. Railroad and steamboat statistics, embracing everything which would be of interest to the
public in relation thereto.

Seventh. Hotels, their location, capacity for accommodating strangers, &c.

Eighth. City officers, county officers, federal and local courts, and courts throughout the State, &c.

Ninth. A post office directory of several States and Territories, with all necessary matter relative to
postal arrangements.

Tenth. Tables, comprising almost every description of mercantile and other statistics, census tables,
interest tables, calendars, &c., &c.

Eleventh. A handsome map of the city of St. Louis, with views of the Custom House, Court House,
principal Hotels, and other notable buildings.

In short, a work which shall be a perfect vade mccum to the stranger as well as to the citizen-
mteitded, particularly, to answer all important inquiries likely to be raised by strangers respecting the
business and institutions of St. Louis.