St. Louis directory :
The Advertising Department.

As this book will be sought with avidity both at home and abroad, and will, therefore, have a very
extensive circulation, it will at once attract the attention of advertisers, as a superior medium of commu-
nicating with the public. The advertisements contained In it will be conspicuously presented; each alter
sate page of the business department being reserved for the use of advertisers. Thus, the names of flrnw,
Ac, will occupy, in all cases, the right hand, whilst advertisemeuts will appear ou the left hand page.
The whole will be printed on fine heavy book paper, and handsomely bound.

The publisher makes this announcement now, in order that persons who want to advertise may hare
time to procure cuts, &c., illustrative of their business.

Of the price of the book, its size, the rates of advertising, &c., more anon. These matters cannot be
definitely determined at this time. Suffice it, that these rates will be as moderate as the publisher can

The work laid out in the above brief synopsis will be immense, and employ the publisher’s ponvma
attention almost wholly. His agents will call upon the business community during the fall, with speci-
mens of the plan of the work, in order to make contracts for advertising, subscriptions, &c., when further
explanations will be offered; and it is to be hoped that few will fail to patronize an enterprise which,
whilst it will subserve their own individual interests, cannot fail to add greatly to those of the city
at large.

R. V.Kennedy, ,

St. Louis, July, 1857.