St. Louis directory :

94 Bailey & Halsall 94 94 Foturth Street, St. Louis,
Dealers in Every Vahikty of
Bank, Counting-house, Staple and Fancy
also, Jobbers in
Law, Medical, School and Miscellaneous
Would particularly call the attention of Book-buyers to their new facilities fordoing a wholesale and retail
Book and Stationery Trade,
And offer every reasonable inducement to purchasers, and, above all, to give, in every case, entire satisfaction.

Blank Books, Copying Books, Black, Red and Blue Inks,
Adhesive Files, Copying Presses, Cap and Letter Paper,
Note Books, Bills of Lading, Pocket Books,
Ivory Folders, Bankers’ Cases, Ivory Tablets,
Gold Pens, Writing Desks,
Porte Monnaies,
Buff and White Envelopes,
And every article found at a Stationery establishment generally, may be had at all seasons.

☞ Law Libraries supplied, and Medical Books furnished to Physicians, at a reasonable rates as
any house East or West.

Bailey & Halsall .