St. Louis directory :
Fire, Marine and Life Insurance

Farmers’ Mechanics’ Ins. Co.
of Philadelphia.
Capital $1,250,000.
Equttable Insurance Company
of London.
Capital $2,500,000.
Consolidated Insurance Company
of Philadelphia.
Capital $300,000.
New York Life Insurance Comp’n
of New York.
Capital $1,000,000.
International Life Insurance
of London.
Capital $2,500,000.
British Commercial Insurance
of London.
Capital $3,000,000.

As Agents for the above Undoubtedly Solvent Companies, We are Prepared
to Issue Policies on Buildings and their Contents, Manufac-
tories and Dwelling Houses, Both in Town and Country;
Also, on the Lives of White Persons and Negroes.

Courtenay & Miller , Agents.

Agency Office, n. w. cor. Main and Olive Streets,
St. Louis, Mo.