St. Louis directory :

Kirchner & Smith ,
Wholesale Druggists
No. 37 Market Street, between Main and Second,
St. Louis, Mo.

Offer for Sale at the Lowest Terms
Drngs, Medicines, &c.
Paints, Oils, Window-Glass, &c.
Virginia Tobacco,
Imported & Domestic Cigars.

Our R. M. Smith being the head of the
old and well known Drug house of Smith &
Atkinson, Baltimore, and residing perma-
nently at the east, our facilities for obtain-
ing supplies from the most reliable sources,
oth in the United States and foreign coun-
tries, are unsurpassed, and we will use our
best endeavors to meet the expectations of
our customers, by giving them good articles
at reasonable prices. All orders from Drug-
gists, Country Merchants, Physicians, and
others, will be executed with the utmost