St. Louis directory :

Mutual Savings’ Institution ,
South-West cor.corner Fourth & Pine Streets.

The above Institution, having an unimpaired capital, in cash and amply secured, of
$50,000, in addition to its large deposits, continues to receive deposits on call and time,
and allows interest thereon. Its charter and its capital render it one of the safest
depositories of funds in the States.

From minors, as small sums as ten cents will be received.

For full information, apply at the office.

The office will be open every day, except Sundays and the usual holidays, from nine
o’clock A. M. till three P. M., and on Saturdays from nine o’clock A. M. till six P. M.

Directors .

WaymanCrow, ,
LawrasonRiggs, ,
John F.Mauntel, ,
JohnCavender, .
S. H.Ranlet, ,
W. A.Hagardine, ,
J. E.Barrett, .

AdolphusNohl, , Treasurer .

JohnCavender, , President .