St. Louis directory :
The Best Family Newsp Apeb in New England!

Boston American Weekly Traveller.

The unprecedented success of the Traveller daring the past year—having more than trebled its circu-
lation—lias induced the proprietors to continue the following

Club Rates:
One copy $2 00
Two copies $3 00
Five copies $6 00
Ten copies $10 00
Twenty-five copies $20 00

These rates are lower than those of any other paper of equal ability in the country.

Any postmaster, clerk, or otner person who may send us ten or more subscribers at $1 each, and who
will receive the package for distribution among the subscribers, shall receive an extra copy of the Traveller

Payment to be made in advance, and the papers will be sent to one address, and discontinued at the
expiration of the time for which the payment is received.

Specimen copies sent free of charge.

The American Traveller,
A. First Class Boston Paper, Estab’d in 1825,
Which has now been in existence for more than a quarter of a century, is an invaluable paper for every
merchant, mechanic, farmer, and literary man in the United States.

Its columns contain the fullest and best reports of prices current, markets of every kind of merchandise,
marine news, notices of all great improvements in the mechanic arts, of agricultural statistics, implements,
tc, and also what gives it pre-eminence as a
Family Paper.

Careful, extended, and able reviews of all the new publications (including English and American periodi-
cals) of the day; full details of all the latest literary intelligence, original tales, sketches, and poetry,
together with choice selections from the latest and best books, making the Traveller a complete literary

The facilities of the Traveller for obtaining news are unsurpassed by any paper in New England. The
terminus in Boston of the great telegraphic lines north, south, east, and west, is in the Traveller counting
room. The proprietors promise to spare no effort to sustain the reputation the paper has already obtained
for having the latest news.

The Tkavellek contains, also, the fullest and most correct commercial, marine, and scientific articles
published in any weekly paper in Boston.

Published on Saturday mornings.

Published at the Same Office,
The Boston Dailg Traveller,
Morning and Evening.

This pioneer two cent paper maintains its ascendency, and with its Three Daily Editions, has
an unsurpassed circulation, giving it superior advantages as an advertising medium. Published at Two
Cent per copy, or Six Dollars Per Year, in advance.

Agents supplied on liberal terms. Sold by Newsmen throughout the country.

The Boston Traveller,
will be Supplied to Clubs at the Following Unprecedented Low Bates:

Single copy $8 00
Five copies $12 60
Ten copies $20 00

Notice to Advertisers.

Advertisers are reminded that their advertisements appear in the Boston Daily Traveller and daily
Evenixu Traveller, two distinct papers, giving advertisers the advautage of a, morning and evening
paper without extra charge.

The Circulation of the Traveller is unsurpassed by any subscription or two cent paper in Boston or
New England.

Order for either of the above papers should be addressed to
Worthincton Flanders & Cuild ,
Traveller Buildings, State Street, Boston.