St. Louis directory :

Great National
Air-Line Route !
Terre Hantte, Alton and St. Louis

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Rail Road.
The shortest, quickest and most direct roite to all eastern cities.

Two through express trains daily, morning & evening, making
close and sure connections

At Pana, with the Illinois Central Railroad, for Decatur, Bloornington, Lasalle, Peoria,
Mendota, Burlington, Rock Island, Galena, Dunleith, Ac. &c.

At Mattoon. with the Branch of the Illinois Central Railroad for Chicago, and with trains of the Great Western and
Wabash Valley Railroads for Danville. Lafayette, Logansport. Fort Wayne. Toledo., and all Northern and Lake

At Terre Haute and Indianapolis—with the Terre Haute and Richmond. Indiana Central. Indianapolis nnd Belle-
fontaine. Indianapt Us nnd Cincinnati, Jeffereonrille and Indianapolis, and Madison Railroads, for Crestline. Cleve-
land, Dunkirk. Buffalo, Niagara Kails. Albany. Boston, New York. Philadelphia, Baltimore. Washington City. Rich-
mondt Harper’s Furry. Dayton, d lumbus. Wheeling, Cincinnati. Madison, Louisville, Lexington. Ky.. and all the
Principal Cities in the Middle. Kastern, Northern and Southern Sates.


☞ Passongers for New York City have choice of four good routes, viz : New
York Central, New York and Erie, Pennsylvania Central, and Baltimore and Ohio


Baggage handled with care and cheked through free of charge.


Fare as low as by any other Route, and Tickets good for 305 days, or until used!


Omnibuses will call for Passengers at the different Hotels, or in any part.of the City,
free of charge, by leaving word at either of the Ottices, No 82 Fourth street,
under Planters’ House, or No. 36 North Levee, where reliable information can be had
of the different routes.

L. R.Sargent, , Sup’t .

B. F.Fifield, , General Ticket Agent .

W. F.Stout, , General Passenger Agent .