St. Louis directory :
United States Federal Courts.
United States Circuit Court For Mis-
souri .
JohnCatron, , Judge .
Robert W.Wellis, ,} Associates.
SamuelTreat, ,} Associates.
Thos. S.Bryant, , Marshal .
Calvin F.Burnes, , Attorney .
B. F.Hickman, , Clerk.

Terms—First Monday of April and October.

Place of holding Court, Custom House, st. Louis.

United States District Court.— Eastern
District .
SamuelTreat, , Judge .
Calvin F.Barnes, , District Attorney .
Thos. C.Reynolds, , Clerk .

Terms —Third Monday of February, May and No-

" (Admiralty return Terms) First Monday of
every mouth.

Place Of holding Court, Custom House, st. Louis.

United States District Court. — Western
District .
Robert W.Wells, , Judge.
Calvin F.Burnes, , District Attorney.
J. L.Jones, , Marshal.
Jason, Harrison, Clerk.

Terms—First Monday of March and September.

Place of holding Court, Jefferson City.

Supreme Court Of Missouri .
AbielLeonard, , Judges.
John F.Ryland, Judges.
WilliamScott, , Judges.
William S.Glanviile, , Clerk.

Terms—Third Monday of March and October.

Clerk’s office, south side of Market st. b.between 4th and 5th.

United States Commissioner .
B. F.Hickman, , Office, Custom House.
United States Distriot Attorney .
Calvin, F. Burnes.