St. Louis directory :

G. Morgens’
St. Louis steam
dyeing, scouring, finshing and waaatering
no. 4 South Fourth st., brt. Market ant Walnut, West side.

A card to the ladies.

Mr. G. Morgens begs leave to return his sincere thanks to the Ladies, and citizens
generally, for the very liberal patronage extended to him during the last four years, and
confidently solicits a continuance of the same. He adopts this method of informing
the public that he still occupies his old stand, No 4 South Fourth street, where he
engages to clean and dye every description of goods in a style unequalled by any estab-
lishment West of the mountains.

Crape Shawls cleaned and dyed in a very superior manner, as can be testi-
fied to by hundreds of ladies, residents of this and other cities of the Union.

Gentlemen’s clothing cleansed and repaired in a style not surpassed in
this city.

Particular attention given to the renovation of carpets, hearth rugs,
&c., &c.

Mr. Morgens has obtained the names of the following ladies, as references:

Mrs.U.Wright, ,
Mrs.N.Valle, ,
Mrs.S. T.Nidelet, ,
Mrs.F. VonPhul, ,
Mrs.Bogy, ,
Mrs.White, ,
Mrs.E.Xaupi, ,
Mrs.Benkendorf, ,
Mrs.A. P.Chouteau, ,
Mrs.H.Chouteau, ,
Mrs.MaryMitchell, ,
Mrs.G. W.Clark, .
Mrs.W.Ftnney, ,
Mrs.J.Finney, ,
Mrs.Wheaton, ,
Mrs.A.Chouteau, .
MissCortambert, .