St. Louis directory :
Local Courts for St. Louis County.
Circuit Court .
Alexander, Hamilton, Judge .
Stephen, Rice, Clerk .

Terms—Third Monday of April and November.

Common Pleas Court .
Samuel, ReberJudge .
Chailes, W.Hicks, Clerk .

Terms—First Monday of February and September.

Land Court .
C. B.Lord, , Judge .
Charles, A.Mantz, Clerk .

Terms—First Monday of March and October.

Criminal Court .
James, R.Lackland, Judge .
Frederick, Kretschmar, Clerk .

Terms—First Monday of Jannary, March, May, July,
September and November.

Probate Court .
Peter, Ferguson, Judge .
William, F. Ferguson, Clerk .

Terms—First Monday of March, June, September,
and December.

Office, south wing of Court House.

County Court .
Aaron, H.Hackney, Presiding Justice .
John, M.WimerJustice .
P. S.Lanham, Justice .
Josiah, Thornbnrgn, Clerk .

Terms—First Monday of February, May, August, and

Law Commissioner’s Court .
John, W.Colvin, Commissioner .
Office, south-west corner Court House.
Circuit Attorney .
Charles, G.Mauro.
Office, 39 Chesnut.
Assistant .
James, H. Vail, Office basement, e.east wLug Court House.