St. Louis directory :

Dr. Cavanaugh’s
Pile Salve.

For the Cure of Every Form of
Hemorrhoids; or Piles;
Whether of long standing or recent origin; Internal or external; whether attended
with Profatpsiu, Hcmmorrhage, or Obstruction; and all by
External Application!

No Internal adjuvant being reqalrcd In any ease, only
No internal adjuvants being required in any case, only
to regulate the bowels, if constipated, or
In Dlarrhcea and Dysentery.

The Piles, while astonishingly prevalent in their various fors, amongst all classes of both sexes, are at the same
time, the most distressing frequently dangrous, and hitherto most difficult of Cure.

Persons who suffer any length of time wth the Piles, generally try everything they can learn of purportin to cure
the disease, yet realize no permanent adantage therefrom. They have been told. professionally, perhaps, there was
“no permanent cure for Piles,” and consequently have despaired of any future cessation from apin and sffering.

To all such, a Specific is offered for their relief, which has stood the test of more than twelve years’ active prae
tiee, and during that time has never failed whithin th knoweldge of the proprietor, of Curing Every Case.

Dr. Cavanaugh’s Pile Salve,
Is a strictly scientifie combination of well known remedial agents; and has been brought to its present perfection by a, continued series of experiments, extending through years of patient study and investigation, in field where ample
opportunities were afforded for throughly testing its virtues. The proprietor has no hesitaney in saying, that his Pile Salve is the First and Only Infallible Specific Ever Discovered, for that disease, and which cures by
Outward Application Only!
And that, in time to come, as in the past, it will stand the test of trial, without a failure to perform all the propriotor
claims for it, if his directions are attended to.

A large number of gentlemen througout the country, of high character and influence, have voluntarily attested to
its efficacy in thir own cases, not of hearsay-a few of whose certificates only can be introduced here.

St. Louis, Dec. 1, 1856.

This is to inform the afficied with Hemorrhoids of Piles, that I was troubled with that distressing diease for about nine
years, at times so as to be scaree able to walk-nsing every means fo alleviate my sufferings advised by phsicians and others,
all without any permanent benefit, as my disease seemed to grow worse, and my physicians despaired of my cure. About June
last, I procured a bottle of ”Dr, cAvanaugh’s Pile Salve,” by the and of which I am new well, able to attend to my business,
ride of walk, as my need may be.

A.Reinbold, Fourth street.

The following is form one of the most reliable citizens of Chicago, late Treasurer of Cook , Ill :

Chicago, July 25, 1855.

Dr. Cavanaugh-Dear Sib : I wish hereby to make known to the affieted that I have been trhoubled with the Piles for
twenty years or upwards, and at times most severely. And during a recent and exceedingly painful attack, a friend procured
a box of your Salve and asked me to give it a trial. I did so-not, however, wit the expectation of benedfftting my disease, for
truly doing me good; and reaily i is incredible to myself, that wit only about two weeks’ use of your Salve, I am, so far as I can judge, a well man. I most cheerfully make this statement, believing it due both to yourself and such as may be affileted
with this most trying and painful disease. I do not hesitate to say, that I consider your preparation an invaluable remedy for
the Piles.

Most sineerely, yours, H. N.Heald, .

The Hon.RichardYates, , formerely Member of Congress from the Springfield (Ills.) Distriet, says:

Jacksonville, Ills., Nov. 15, 1854.

Dr. Thos. Cavanugu-Dear Sir : The preparation Cavanugh’s Pile Salve, which you furnished, I found of great
service, producing an easy and speedy cure. I do not hesitate to recoinmend it as an invalubale for the Piles.

Respecifully, RichardYates, .

Memphis, Tenn., Nov. 6, 1806.

Having used your “Pile Salve,” I feel that I can cheerfully recommend it to all persons suffering with that disiressing com- plaint—Piles

Respecifully, W. M.Shelton, .

Vincennes, Ind., September, 1856.

The Salve, I am happy to inform you, is having desired effect. It is certainly the best remedy for that disiressing disease
I ever heard of, and its virtues should be generally known.

Respectifully J. G.Hutchenson, .

Indianapolis. Ind., Nov. 3, 1856.

We will take pieasure in recomuending your “Pile Salve,” as we know it is all you represent it to be by trial.

Very truly, yours, C. C. Butler & Co .

The following, from the Rev. B. F. Bristow, is a sufficient recommendation in itself :

Jacksinville, Ills., Dec. 15, 1854.

Dr. Cavanaugh : 1 conceive it to be a duty I owe to the attlicied, to make known the invaluable virtues and remedial
efficacy of your “Pile Salve.” I was for several Weeks sorely afflicted with that painful and loathsome disease the Piles.—After having exhausted my patience in trying various prescriptions of physicians and others without to try it. I am happy in
syaing, an applications of your Salve, for three daye, perfeeeted an entire cure. Respectifully yours, B. F.Bristow, .

Cincinnati, (Ohio,) June 7, 1856.

I had the pieasure of having a friend of mine present me with a box of your “Pite Salve,” and finding great relief from its
use, I take the liberty of writing, to learn where I can procure another box. Yours, very truly, Lucius C.Buell, .

Price, One Dollar per Box, Retail. The Pile Salve is put up in glass jars, inclosed
in a paper box, properly labeled, and will keep any length of time.

Wholesale Agents.

H.Blaksley, , St. Louis, Mo.
Bacon, Hyde & , St. Louis, Mo.
Charless, Blow & , St. Louis, Mo.
Lindenberger & , Louisville, Ky.
J. H. Reed & , Chicago, Ills.
Barnard, Adams & , St. Louis, Mo.
John D.Park, , Cincinnatl, Ohio.

And for sale by all Wholesale and Retial dealers throughout the West.

Dr. T. H.Cavanaugh, , Sole Proprietor ,
Saint Louis, Mo.