St. Louis directory :

House Furnishing

John J.Locke, ,
No. 105 North Fourth Street, Ten Buildings
Would respectfaily call the attention of housekeepers, and buyers of
House Furnishing articles, to his large and entirely
New Stock of Goods,
In the above line, consisting in part, of
Planished Ware, Fine Cutlery,
Bathing Turs,
Coffee Urns, Silver Plated Ware,
Forks, Spoons, Castors, &c.,
Water Coolers,
Plain and Japanned Tin Ware,
Chafing Dishes,
Ice Chests, Steak Dishes,
Wooden and Willow Ware, Weat Sufes,
Soup Tureens,
Brushes, Brooms, Mats,
Coffee, Tea and Chocolate Pots,
Step Ladders,
Kitchen Tables,
Feather Dustens,
Fenders, Fire Sets, &c.,
Clothes Horses, &c., &c.

Dealing directly with manufacturers it this country, and making my own importa-
tions, I feel confident that I can offer great inducements to cash byuers, either at
Wholesale or Retail.