St. Louis directory :

Dr. Hart’s
Chemical Sulphur Baths ,

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For the speedy and permanent cure of Scrofula, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Paralysis,
Numbness, Dispepsia, Jaundice, Erysipelas, Fever Sores, Phthisic, Female Diseases,
Tetter, and all Diseases of the Skin and Impurities of the Blood, Fever and Ague, and
Colds of long standing. For those that have Chronic Diseases, and have had their
systems charged with mercury which requires removal, the Baths arc invaluable. They
are very pleasant, and can be taken at all times, as there is no danger of taking cold
from their use. Cases of long standing guaranteed.

Bath roojis and office,
No. 121 Locust st., bet. Fifth and Sixth, N. side,
St. Louis, Mo.