St. Louis directory :

Eagle Trunk Manufactory ,
St. Louis, Mo.

Highest premium crystal palace, new york, 1853 diploma maryland institute, baltimore, 1855;
agricultural and mechanical fair, St. Louis, 1856, awarded to
Summers’ Improved Traveling Trunk, Pat.Sept. 30, 1856.

The subscriber respectfully submits to the pablic hia improved Ttaveling Trunk. Being Loag engaged as manu-
facturer, I am satisfied no Trunk, made in the Ordinary way. can stand the usage for which they are designed.

The essential features of my improvement consist in

Solid metalic ends, connecting with iron bars inside,

Extending lengthwise across the bottom and up tho ends, forming a firm support for tlie Tray, and securing the Castors
on the bottom, allowing the leather to intervene between the Castor and inside Bar. The elasticity of the leather pre-
vents the Castors from being broken off; and it can be more firmly riveted on, doing away entirely with the bottom
strips which are a continual annoyance, liable to bo broken and torn off every time they are used. A Trunk made on
this principle, the body must he made of one piece of leather, and will not permit of being pieced as Trunks are gene-
rally made in the ordinary way. and covered with the bottom strip, completely hiding the piecing on the bottom. This
Trunk must be made honestly, as it cannot be slighted. And nothing can injure it. unless the force would be suffi-
cient to crush the material of which it is constructed. Die principle is cheap and simple—allowing a neater finish-
costing the purchaser no more. As I have not advanced the price, the public are respectfully invited u nil and exam-
ine my stock, before purchasing elsewhere, as 1 am determined my Improved Trunk shall be all it is reprented.

We have constantly on hand, solid Sole and Ladie French Trunks. Hat Cases, Wood Folios. Valises. Car-
pet Bags, Packing Trunks, and Trunks the Santa Fe trade. Merchants and dealers in Trunks will find the
largest assortment, and at lower prices, than at any establishment the city.

Trunks made to order, covered or exchanged, at the

Gagle wholesale and Retail Trunk Manufactory , 16 Uine Street,
Opposite King’s Hotel. St. Louis, Mo.

S. F.Summers, .

The following are the testimonials or the best Manufacturers of the West, and the best practical Trunk Makers,
East, regarding my improvement in Trunks. Pittsburgh. August 9. 1856.

We have examined a Trunk got up by Mr. S. F. Summers, which is entirely different from anything we have ever
before witnessed. Having been long engaged in the manufacturing of Trunks ourselves, we have no hesitation in saying
that a consider it a decided improrement, and well calculated for durability and conveuionce.

Vorv Respectfully,
R. H.Hartiey, .

Philaderphia, August 20, 1856.

We, the undersigned. practicalein Trunk Makers. of Philadelphia, having examined S. F. Summers’ Improved Trunk,
would recommend it as being superior to anything of the kind we have ever seen; and the only and best possible way a
Trunk can be raad to tand the hard usage by traveling.

Edward T.Crispin, .

Wm.WilliamSimmons, .

John R.Fenner, .

Wm.WilliamClenn, .