St. Louis directory :

1857. Spring and Summer Trade. 1857.

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Child, Pratt & ,
139 and 141 Main Street,
Saint Louis, Mo.,

importers and jobbers in
foreign and domestic
hardware, cutlery, guns, pistols, &c. ,

We will duplicate bills from any regular Philadelphia or New York houses, at same
prices, dealers and merchants thus saving freight and delay. Our stock for the
present season comprises every known variety of goods in our line, imported and bought
on such terms as enable us to supply our friends at the most satisfactory rates.

Agents for constable’s fire monarch safes,

The Boston Patent Wire Fencing ,
New York Rubber Bolting ,
D. R. Barton’s Coopers’ and Edge Tools ,
American Powder Flask Manufacturing ,
Enterprise Rifle Works ,
Meriden Bittania Ware Manufacturing ,
Dole’s Self Centering Hub Boring Machine ,
Great Western Wire Works ,
American Spring and Axle ,
Berea Grindstone Manufacturing ,
American Horse Nail ,
Davis’ Patent Parallel Vices ,
Ohio Tool ’s Planes and Tools ,
Steptoe’s Mortising Machines ,
Hull, Brown & Co’a Snaths and Cradles .

Of the above we have always an ample stock on hand.

Farming implements,
Such as Forks, Rakes, Snaths, Cradles, &c.