St. Louis directory :

Mrs.A.Brooks, ,
new millinery and varietv store ,
No. 58 market Street, bet. Seeond and Third, St. Louis.

Has received and constantly on hand a splednid assortment of Velvet, Satin, Plush,
and Straw Bonnets. A beautiful assortment of Ladies fashionable
Lace Caps, Lace Collars, Slk Gloves; Shell Tuck,
Round, Dressing, Puff, Keck and Pocket Combs; Hair, Nail and Tooth Brushes;
Cologne, Extracts, Pomades and Soaps. Also, a great Variety of other Goods too
numerous to mention. All of which will be sold at a reasonable per cent, above cost.

Orders for Millinery promptly executed, to suit the peculiar taste of customers, or
in accordance with the prevailing fashions.