St. Louis directory :

St. Louis Agricultural Works,
Warehouse & Seed Store ,
(Estalished in 1845, By Wm.WilliamPlant, .)

Sign of the
Gilt Plow.

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No. 14 North Main st., Between Market and Chesnut sts.,
Also, No. 303 North Fourth street, or 218 Brondway, bet. Morgan st. and Franklin Avenue,
Saint Louis, Mo.

Manufactory, N. W. Corner of Main and Biddle Streets.

Rollin, Clark,
Wm.William M.Plant, ,
Amos B.Norris, ,
Joseph F.Smith, .

Clark, Plant & Norris ,
(Successors to Wm.William M. Plant & ,)
Manufacturers of
Agricultural Machines and Tools,
Page’s and Child’s Portable Circular Saw Mills;
Selby’s Wheat Drill and Broadcast Seed Sower,
(This Drill took the First Premium at the St. Louis Mechanical Fair and the Illinois State Fair, in the Fall of 1856.)
Also, Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Garden, Grass and other Seeds,
And are also prepared to furnish the following Machines, &c.:

Read’s Combined Reaper and Mower;
N. Y. Self-Ranking Reaper;
Ketchum’s Mower;
Hubbard’s Combined Reaper and Mower;
Excelsion R. R. Horse Power, with Threshers;
Moffit’s Lever Powers, with Threshers;
Excelsior Lever Powers, with Threshers;
Burrow’s Portable French Burr Grist Mills;
Excelsion Portable Iron Grist Mills;
Clover Hullers and Gatherers;
Field and Garden Rollers;
Grain Cradles and Scythes;
Fan Mills;
Ox Yokes and Bows;
Chain Pumps and Fixtures;
Horse Shoes, Various Styles;
Cultivators, Various Styles;
Corn Planters;
Garden and Railroad Wheelbarrows;
Hedge, Grass, and Pruning Shears;
Dog Power;
Agricultural Furnaces;
Portable Cider Mills, with Press;
Hand and Power Corn Shellers;
Hay and Straw Cutters;
Portable Hay Presses;
Cheese Presses;
Portable Forges and Bellows;
Store and Railroad Trucks;
Plows, Harrows, &c., &c.;
Iron Sausage-Meat Cutters;
Corn and Cob Crushers;
Revolving Horse and Hand Hay Rakes;
Grinstones, Frames and Hangings;
Scythes, Snaths, Stones and Rifles;
Hay, Straw and Corn Knives;
Axes, Hatchets, Bill and Bush Hooks;
Spring Bow-Pins and Cattle Ties;
Garden Engines;
Shovels, Spades, Hoes and Forks;
Pruning Saws and Chisels;
Pruning and Budding Knives.

Descriptive Catalogues furnished, gratis, on application at our Warehouses; or by mail,
when five cents are sent to pre-pay the postage.

July, 1857.

Clark, Plant & Norris .