St. Louis directory :

James Bradford & Co.Company ,

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French Burr
Millstone Manufacturers
And Importers Of
French Burr Blocks,
And The Genuine Dutch
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anker brand bolting cloths;
Also, ManufactBrers of Portable Flonriog aid Cora Mills of all siits, Smit Machines,
Hoisting-&Mws. Tempering Screws, Mill Spindles. Screen Wire. Mill Citings, Steam Knitine and Boiler Dam-l Irons.
plaster Paris, land plaster constantly on hand.

At our Hew Factory, 70. N.W. Corner Of Second And Elm Sts.Streets
Or. At Our Office And Sai.Eroom. No. 65 Walnut Sts.Streets , West Side Betbetween 2Nd & Pearl Cincinnati,