St. Louis directory :

Mineral Cement Roofing.

Office, 16 Fourth Sts.Streets

[missing figure]
Opp.opposite Court House.
Residence, 104 Brooklyn—Manufactory, Eleventh, bet.between Brooklyn and Haward Sts.Streets

This Composition is altogether dilfereat from that commonly used by roofers—beinir formed, chiefly, from Minerals
which are unchangeable by the action of the weather.

It is Fire, Frost, noil Water-Proof, and never cracks. The strongest heat cannot moke it run.

It is the most durable of all composition roofs. It is applicable to Roofs of every shape, howeTer steep or flat.
bingle, Metal, or Composition Roofs, can be repaired a.s good as new. without removing them. It is invaluable for
oofs of Starabonts, Railroad Cars. Depots, &c.

PerryFenlason, being the Inventor of this Mineral Cement, any other party pretending to put on the same Roof
deceive the public.

' All Work Warranted! A.Babsley, , Proprietor .

Reference, by permission, to the following gentlemen : P. "Wiles. Samuil Willi, Thomas O'Reilby, M.D., Lewis
Gernigon, Michael Diefenback.

Important To The Citizens Of St. Louis.

PerryFenlason, 'S Mineral Composition Roofing.

This unrivalled Mineral Composition' is now at the service of the St. Louis public, and the Inventor is ready to
nonstratc to them, practically, that this is none of the theoretical humbugs of Hie day. This Roofing is of extraord
.ry durability, suitable for roofs of any shape : it never cracks, and can not be affected bv Fire, Frost or Water. T
.t preparation on which the composition is laid is so much superior to the article commonly used by roofers, and wh
n not be preserved Iroin rapid decay by any process now in use. that, taken in connection with the quality of
proposition, the (Treat dilTerence in price. i1s beautifully smooth surface, its adaptability to be used on the decks
J^mboats or any place where roofing is required, to fully appreciate its importance, nothing but a fair trial is

Fenlason's lone; practical experience, and watching with careful observation iho effects: that sheathing and weather
^: upon these composition roofs, premies him to explain and show the great difference between the felting aud the
mon sheeting. I'he prices for roofing, and repairing leaky roofs of every description, will be found unusually cheap,
every way satisfactory. Mr. I'Vnlasoii personally superintends the business, Samples can be seen, and orders
ived, at No. 16 Fourth street, opposite the Court House.

PerryFenlason, , Agent .

The following Certificates speak for themselves-

St. Louie, February 25th, 1859.

his is to certify that I have got my livery stables, on fifth street, covered with P. Fenlason'S Mineral Composition is
Jfing, and that it gives me entire satisfaction, and that I believe it to be superior, as a Fire and Water-Proor Roof, to any
Signed, P.Wiles, .

Sr. Louis. February 26th, 1859.

/four of my buildings covered overshingles with P. Fenlason'S Mineral Composition, I can recommend
ypubbe an a Fire and 'Water-Proof Roof, superior to any rooting material now in use which I have any knowl-
/ Signed, SamvkjWiill,

Pt. Loris, February 22d, 1859.

Wleaaure in stating to the public, after knowing what T do, that P. Fenlason'S Mineral Composition-
-^ff to any roofing material whicli has ever come under my notice. I have my dwelling and barn covered with it.
en gives toc entire satisfaction. '

Signed, ThomasO'Reiley, M.D

St, LouisFebruary 23d. 1859.

is to to certify that I have got a tin roof coated with P. Fenlason'S Mineral Composition, that it gives me
e satisfaction, and that I believe it to be superior as a Fire-Proof Roof to any material now in use.

Signed, MichaelDiefenback, .

East St. Lours, February 26th. 1859.

pleasure in stating to the public that I have a dwelling-house roofed with P. Fenlason'S Mineral Compo-
, which gives me entire satisfaction, amd believe it to bo superior to any roofing material now in use. r

Signed Lo