St. Louis directory :

Galt House ,
Corner Of Main And Sixth Sts.Streets , Cincinnati, O.

Accommodates either way, One Dollar per day, or Fifty Cents per day, for Room, and eat at either Ladies' of
Gentlemen'S Dining Saloons, as per Bill Of Fare; served up in first class hotel style, giving superior accommoda-
tions at Bbort notice.

Parlors And Toilets beautifully furnished and admirably arranged for bofji Ladies and Gentlemen.

Also, Rooms Handsomely Furnished For Special Lining And Wedding Parties.

Ladies' Tea and Dining Hall Entrance—845 Main street, and from Parlors.

Gentlemen's Saloon Entrance—on Sixth street, second door west of Main street.

☞ Meals at all hours, in both Dining Saloons.

Shell Oysters, from New York and Baltimore, of superior quality, opening at call in both saloons.

Fruits, Foreign and Domestic, at Retail

Hotel Accommodations, at One Dollar per day, excelling any ever offered to the pnblic.

☞ Entrance and Office to Hotel—on Sixth street.

William E.Marsh, . Sr.Senior , Proprietor .