St. Louis directory :

Now In Course Of Publication,
A New And Complete
Statistical Gazetteer
Of The State Of

Embracing important Topougraphical and Historical Information, from Recent
and Original Sources, together with the Results of the
Census, Population and Statistics, in many cases to

Edited By
RichardEdwards, ,
assisted by many distinguished literary gentlemen throughout the state

It is the intention of Richard Edwards, of this city, soon to issue an Illustrated Vo-
lume, styled
The Great West And Her Commercial Metropolis,
A work of reference, and full of valuable information, exhibiting the natural resources,
commercial, railroad and manufacturing advantages of Missouri, and her flourishing
cities and towns generally, and of the great city of Sr. Louis particularly, to invite the
attention of capitalists and others thereto as a profitable place for investment. Natural
advantages alone, however, never build up great emporiams, but these, in addition to
the exertions of their merchants and business men, who are pushing, enterprising, far-seeing
and public-spirited-who possess city pride, and take delight in doing all in their power to
forward their city and State in population, wealth and influence-combine to render sure
and to establish the prosperity of the same on a lasting basis. Such being the character
and object of Mr. Edwards' proposed work, we take pleasure in recommending it to the
liberal support of our fellow-citizens, not only of St. Louis, but of the State of Missouri:

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