St. Louis directory :
Aansorgh, Christians, wid. of Samuel, rear 201,
n. 12th
Aansorgh, Edward, tobacconist , rear 201,n.north 12th
Abaling, William, basketmaker , rear 402,n.north 9th
Abbate, Nicholas, tinner , bds.boards Franklin av.avenue c.corner 11th
Abbertson, Albert, steamboat mate ,r.residence es. 15, b.between Cass
av.avenue and O'Fallon
Abbey, Robertmiller ,r.residence rear 173n.north 6
Abboueyer, Hammond H., lab.laborer ,r.residence ws. 11th, near
Abbot, Moses,r.residence ss.south side Clark av.avenue ,c.corner 14th
Abbott, Caleb J., Rev., principal Miss. Valley
Female Seminary,r.residence ne.northeast c.corner Pine and 17th
Abbott, Foster, steamboat mate ,r.residence 338,n.north 11th
Abbott, Gaspard, teamster ,r.residence 307,n.north 9th
Abbott, James, painter ,r.residence Division b.between 24th and 25th
Abbott, James, salesman , (I. G.Havens, & Co.Company ) bds.boards
192 Locust
Abbott, John M., teacher , bds.boards ne.northeast c.corner Pine and
Abbott, L. H., Pprincipal Ornamental Department
Miss. Valley Seminaryr.residence ne.northeast c.corner Pine and 17th
Abbott, T. B., carpenter , at Giles F. Fitley's
Abbott, James, Rev., 254,n.north 9th
Abel, Charles, soda mnfr.manufacturer , 203 Franklin av.avenue ;r.residence
Abel, Henry, policeman , 411s.south 7th
Abel, Joseph, lab.laborer , es. Buel, b.between Lafayette and Em-
Abel, Samuel, paternmaker , bds.boards 353n.north Main
Abel, William, teamster , bds, 203 Franklin av
Abeles, Amalia, wid.Adolph, , (Abeles, Taussig & Co.Company )
r.2. Carondelet av
Abeles, Taussig & Co.Company , (CharlesTaussig, , Morris
Taussig, and AmaliaAbeles, ,) wholesale dry
goods, 5, Exchange Block,s.south Main; see advt.p. 22
Abbling, William, stonemason , ws. 20th, near Bre-
men av
Abela, Harthan, brickmaker ,r.residence ws. Menard, b.between Pam-
met and Geyer av
Abela, John H., grocer , ss.south side Park av.avenue ,c.corner Mississippi;
r. same
Abeman, Henry, laborer , es. 13th, b.between Madison and
Abend, Charles, gardener , bds.boards Compton av.avenue , e.east Park
Abenick, Frank, laborer ,r.residence n. Market
Abenrick, John, lab.laborer ,r.residence ns. Salisbery,n.north 14th and
Aber, Charles J., clerk , 172 Broadway
Aberkar, Peter, tailor ,r.residence alley b.between s.south 3d and 4th, near
Aberle, Joseph, laborer , bds,ss.south side Clark av.avenue , b.between 14th
and 15th
Abjon, Thomas, laborer , rear 343 Broadway
Abker, Caspar H., laborer , bds.boards ss.south side Monroe, b.between 13th
and 14th
Able, Barton, guager ,r.residence 130s.south 5th
Able, Charlest, saddler ,r.residence ws. Jackson near Marion
Abel, Daniel, capt. , bds.boards Planters House
Able, Johngardener , 2d, Carondelet av.avenue near Aron'l
Abmeyer, Abbett H., tailor , 94 Biddle
Abmeyer, Henry, tailor , 96 Biddle
Abraham, Charles, sodamaker , bds,ss.south side Market, b.between e.east
Abraham, Jacob, cooper , Belcher's shop
Abrahams, Abraham, com.mer.merchants and trader ,
office sw.south west c.corner 3d and Viney bds.boards 112 Pine
Abrahams, Elias, gents' furnishing goods, 70n. Main; 10th,n.north of Morgan
Abrahams, Michael N., Clerk , 3d, sw.south west c.corner Vine; bds.boards
City Hotel
Abrahams, Morris, clerk , 99n.north 4th; bds.boards City Hotel
Abrahams, Amos, woodyard, ss.south side Mollanphy, b.between Main
and Levee;r.residence es. 13th, b.between Madison and Jefferson
Abrams, Porter H., salesman , Ubedell, Peinson &
Co.Company ; bds.boards 149s.south 5th
Abrams, William, boakkeeper , (C.D. Lord & Co.Company ,)
Washington av.avenue c.corner 5th
Academy Of The Christian Brothers ,
BrotherPatrick, , President ; ws. 8th, b.between Oratiot
and Cerre
Accola, Vincent, Pastrycook , Virginia Hotel;r.residence 233
s. 3d
Achberger, George, cooper ,r.residence 421s.south 2d
Achenbach Hermann variety store , 56 Mar-
ket;r.residence same
Achilles, Victor H., salesman , (Cooper & Johnson )
n. 3d, Poplar