St. Louis directory :
Amramm, George, carmaker , 199n.north 11th
Amrein, John A., blacksmith , 2nd,c.corner Spruce and
Aimdler, Samuel, watchmaker ;r.residence rear 14th, near
Amnlung, Frederick, tab.;r.residence ws. 14th, b.between n.north Market
and Benton
Andeline, Susanah, wid.;r.residence 24s.south 10th
Anderson, Alexander C., (S.M. Edgell & Co.Company ,) bds.boards
Barnum's Hotel
Anderson, Alexander G., ass't. bookkeeper , (Fiske,
Knight & Co.Company , bds.boards MonUe House; rooms, 21
Anderson, Amanda, wid.James, col'dcolored, nurse , alley
near Franklin av.avenue b.between 6th and Wh
Anderson, Arthur C., clerk , (George B.Michael, ,;)r.residence
233 Chestnut
Anderson, Benjamin, carpenter. 371 Morgan
Anderson, Catherine A., wid, William, ;r.residence 233 Chesnnt
Anderson, Charles H., printer , bds.boards 160n.north 4th
Anderson, Charles R.sawmill , ne.northeast c.corner Salisbury and
2nd;r.residence es. Bellefonntaine road, b, Farrarand Bre-
men av
Anderson, Charles W., (showcase mnfr.manufacturer 73 ol-
ive;r.residence same. Set advt. outside cover front
Anderson, David, (Anderson & Watson,) ;r.residence Kirk-
Anderson, David, (salesman , W A.Nelson, ;r.residence 324n.north
Anderson, David. R.R.contractor ;r.residence ws. Broadway,
opp. Mound Market
Anderson, David L., (Wonderly, Haydel & Co.Company ;) r.
Collinsville, 111
Anderson, Edward J., bds.boards ws.west side Broadway,op.opposite Moond
Anderwm, Eliza, wid.Joseph, , rear 111n.north 10th
Anders, Frank, col'dcolored , boatman , 104 Myrtle
Anderson, Frederick M., salesman , (Dickson, Orr &
Co.Company ;) r. 14th, b.between Pine and Chesnut
Anderson, G.;r.residence 5 Targee
Anderson, Galusha Pev.;r.residence 151 Chesnnt
Anderson, Garret, clerk , E. P.Gray, ;r.residence 5 Targee
Anderson, George, carpenter ;r.residence alley, rear 9th, b.between
Brooklyn and Lebaume
Anderson, George, lockmaker , bds.boards 457 Broadway
Anderson, George, porter , 205 Broadway;r.residence ws.west side 10th
b. Biddle and O'Fallon
Anderson, George E.printer , bds.boards 374 Morgan>
Anderson, George G., messenger , Mercantile Library;
r. 58n.north 5th
Anderson, Hiram, shipcarpenter , bds.boards Carr,c.corner 21st
Anderson, Horace, (teller W.H. Barksdale & Co.Company ,)
100 Pine
Anderson, Isaac, shipcarpenter , Carr,c.corner 21st
Anderson, J.wks. St. Louis car works
Anderson, James, clerk , Alkre & Bro. , bds.boards 121 Wal-
Anderson, James, hosecarriage driver ;r.residence Gth b.between Cerre
and Gratiot
Anderson, James, secondhand furniture dealer , 177n.north
7th;r.residence same
Anderson, James W., clk J.A. Hull &, Co.Company , ws. 4th
bet.between St. Charles and Locust
Anderson, John, oarpenter. bds 94 Morgan
Anderson, John, finisher , bds.boards 346n.north 2nd
Anderson, John, saddletree mnfry , Bellefontaine road,
se.southeast c.corner Dock
Anderson, John C., (clerk Cary Gratz & Co.Company ;) r.residence Vir-
ginia Hotel
Anderson, John F., carpenter :r.residence 10th, near Carr
Anderson, John J., banker ;r.residence Ilo Walnut
Anderson, Richard J.Rev., col'dcolored, :r.residence 34 Gay
Anderson, John S., carpenter , 73 Olive
Anderson, Jusiah. (Anderson V. (Winter, ;)r.residence 16 Wash
Anderson, Julia, wid.James, , midwife, 196 Washing-
tib av.avenue r.residence same
Anderson, L. M.,al Belcher's sugarhouse
Anderson, Reuben L., (John J. Anderson & Co.Company ;) r.
Andersen, Robert, (Goodwin & Anderson;) r.residence es. 15th
near Poplar
Andweson, S. J.P.ReV., 176 Locust
Anderson, Thomas, cold, drayman , 103n.north llth>
Anderson, Thomas, gilderr ;r.residence 82n.north 4th
Anderson, Thomas A., merchant. ;r.residence 94 Pine
Anderson, Thomas J., pilot , bds.boards ws.west side Broadway, b.between
Howard and Mormd
Anderson, Timothy, 55s.south 10th
Anderson, Warren M., olwk , (Anderson & Lamou-
reux.) bds.boards 4th, se.southeast r.residence Elm
Anderson, William, boot and shoestore , 30 Franklin
av.avenue bds.boards Missouri Hotel
Anderson, William, com.mer.merchants 3d st.street ; r 229 Chesnnt
Anderson, Williamfornitnre. bds.boards 46 Wash
Anderson, William, plasterer , bds.boards 43n.north 12th
Anderson, Wm. C.foreman , (C. R.Anderson., ) bds.
ws. 9th, b.between Salisbury and Farrar
Anderson, Wm. F., (Anderson & Lamonreux.) bds.boards
Planter's Honse
Anderson, Wm. lfiOn.north 2d.;r 223 Chesnat
Anderson, Wm.'k , (E. P.Gray, ,;)r.residence S Targee
Anderson John J. & Co.Company , (John J.Anderson, ,
Erastus H.Gaylord, A Reuben L.Anderson, ,)
bankers , n. Main.nw.northwest Cor.corner Olive
Anderson & Gonter , (JosiahAnderson, & Chas ,
G.Gonter,) printers , 8 Olive
Anderson & Lamoureux , (Wm. F.Anderson,
and MosesLamonreux, ,) wholesale groceries and
drygoods , 24s.south Main
Anderson & Watson , (DavidAnderson, & John
T.Watson, ,) com. and ford', mer.merchants 26 Commercial
Andea, George, candlemaker , (Goodwin & Anderson)
Andrea, Bioncla, saloon , 95n.north Levee;r.residence same
Andreas, Jos ph, teamster ;r.residence rear 516 Morgan
Andrees, Paul, merchanttailor , 369 Market;r.residence same
Andres, Antoine, iab.;r.residence 251 Carondalet av
Andres, Christian, carpenter , 12th bet.between O'Fallon and
Cass av.avenue r.residence same
Andres, Henry, brewer , bds.boards 271s.south 3d
Aneres, Henry, cartman ;r.residence es. Tony av.avenue near Chou-
teau av
Andrest, Simon, mason , ws. Moore, near Market
Andreus, Frederick, boardinghonse, 10 Myrtle
Andrew, Wm., painter , 156 Franklin av
Andrew, Wm. C., shipcarpentcr , 236n.north 10th
Andrews, Charles, bds.boards Monroe House
Andrews, George, bds.boards Monroe House
Andrews, Chas. W., saloonkeeper ;r.residence ws. 7th, bet.between O'-
Fallon and Caen av
Andrews, David C.(Kelley & Andrews;) r. 3,n.north 7th
Andrews, George L.,bookkeeper , (Field & Bro.) bds.boards
Monroe House
Andrews, John H., (Parks & Andrews,) r. 96 Elm
Andrews, John T., lumber dealer , 206n.north 6th
Andrews, Joshua, carpenter. 85n.north 17th
Andrews, Joshua L., (Beck & Andrews,) r. 17th bet.between
Franklin av.avenue and Wash
Andrews, Margaret, wid.Henry, , 202s.south 5th
Andrews, Thomas, r. Bernard near Emily
Andrews, Thomas, foreman (Ladd, Patrick & Co.Company ,)r.
159 Collins
Andrews, William, brickinaker , bda. Chouteau av.avenue
near Jefferson av
Andrews, William T., laborer , 113 Morgan
Andrews, John L.,r.residence ne.northeast Columbus and Marion
Andro, Thomas, butcher , 12 outsiden.north Market;r.residence
Wedge House
Androkins, Jacob, laborer ,r.residence a. Levee near Cedar
Audrop, Johe, collarmaker , r. Morton near Chouteau
Anecker, Charles R., bartender , 189 Franklin av
Angel, George, shoemaker , boards 1400 Broadway
Augelbeek, Frederick, grocer , sw.south west Cor.corner Bellefontaine
road and Mullinckrodt,r.residence same
Angell, Almeron S., (King, Angell & Co.Company .) r. Victor
ne.northeast a Columbus
Angells, Frank, musician , bds.boards 57 Olive
Angells, Michael, musician , bds.boards 57 Olive
Angelo, A., rooms Merchants' Dining Saloon
Angelrodt, Ernat C., (Angelrodt & Barth.) and con-
sul for all tbe German States , office 12 City Build-
ings,r.residence at Europe